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Digital Marketing Agency in Helsinki

We’re not a tra­di­tio­nal mar­ke­ting agency: we focus on ser­ving our cus­to­mers through the met­hods of digi­tal mar­ke­ting. Even though our office is loca­ted in Hel­sin­ki, our cus­to­mers are spread all across Fin­land.

Digi­tal mar­ke­ting con­ti­nues its wild growth, and many are not yet fami­liar with the oppor­tu­ni­ties it has to offer. At Kubla, we know digi­tal mar­ke­ting like the back of our hand, all the way from web­si­tes to search engi­ne opti­miza­tion and social media con­tent pro­duc­tion. The­se ser­vices crea­te a seam­less enti­ty that is deli­ve­red by our digi­tal mar­ke­ting pros. Mea­su­ra­bi­li­ty is one of the bene­fits of digi­tal mar­ke­ting – we can see the accu­mu­la­tion of your sales and how to inc­rea­se it, and we can calcu­la­te the actual value of all your mar­ke­ting efforts.

Our ser­vices inclu­de:

Don’t hesi­ta­te to con­tact us, we will be hap­py to tell you more about our ser­vices.

Kubla’s experts

Kalle Santalahti


Kalle Santalahti, Markkinointitoimisto Kubla
Kal­le has been an ent­repre­neur for over ten years, and he has almost 20 years of sales and mar­ke­ting expe­rience. His hob­bies inclu­de ten­nis, padel, golf, hit­ting the gym and chewing the fat. As a per­son, Kal­le is atten­ti­ve, ener­ge­tic, ana­ly­tical and result-orien­ted.

Jukka Leino


Jukka Leino, Markkinointitoimisto Kubla
Juk­ka has accu­mu­la­ted expe­rience from growing and deve­lo­ping busi­ness ope­ra­tions for over 20 years. For the last 15 years, Juk­ka has wor­ked in com­pa­nies whe­re tur­no­ver has come enti­re­ly from digi­tal solu­tions. The last four years Juk­ka has been diving deep into the world of softwa­re, their deve­lop­ment and oppor­tu­ni­ties. Juk­ka is always rea­dy to help our cus­to­mer com­pa­nies succeed by uti­lizing his expe­rienced that he has gai­ned through his succes­ses and fai­lu­res ali­ke.

Albert Virtanen


Albert Virtanen
Digi­tal mar­ke­ting pio­neer and a strong gene­ra­list. Twel­ve years of digi­tal mar­ke­ting expe­rience among the mar­ke­ting of busi­nes­ses both big and small has made Albert a mar­ke­ting pro­fes­sio­nal who loves mea­su­ring and a result-orien­ted approach. For Albert, the cus­to­mer is always the first prio­ri­ty, and he will never grow tired of deve­lo­ping the mar­ke­ting chan­nels of his cus­to­mers.

Risto Silvennoinen

Senior Consultant

Risto Silvennoinen, markkinointitoimisto Kubla

Digi­tal mar­ke­ting nerd who raves about data sources and adver­ti­sing for­mats. Ris­to is specia­lized in social media mar­ke­ting: Facebook’s tar­ge­ting oppor­tu­ni­ties, Instagram’s latest adver­ti­sing for­mats and Lin­ke­dIn in B2B mar­ke­ting are all fami­liar topics to him. He has ten years of expe­rience in digi­tal mar­ke­ting and almost 20 years of mar­ke­ting in gene­ral.

Maria Virtanen

Senior Consultant

Maria Virtanen

The office’s firec­rac­ker who tames Google and places search words in order. In addi­tion to search engi­ne opti­miza­tion, Maria’s strengths inclu­de effec­ti­ve display adver­ti­sing on both Google Display Network and more gene­ral­ly through pro­gram­ma­tic buying. She is easi­ly exci­ted when it comes to ques­tions about ban­ners and tar­get groups. Whet­her you need help with keyword adver­ti­sing, display adver­ti­sing or rea­lizing Google Ad Grants for associa­tions, Maria is the one to turn to!

Anu Nissilä

Senior Consultant

Anu Nissilä

The latest addi­tion to Kubla’s team. Anu has wor­ked with mar­ke­ting for almost 20 years, inclu­ding both B2B and B2C. She loves cus­to­mers’ sto­ries and is always rea­dy to ser­ve the cus­to­mer in order to rea­lize the best pos­sible mar­ke­ting cam­paign. With Google Ads, she belie­ves in the power of A/B tes­ting and cor­rect tar­ge­ting when opti­mizing cam­paigns.

Osku Tyyster


Osku Tyyster

A digi­tal mar­ke­ting mul­ti­ta­lent who loves ana­ly­tics and data-led mar­ke­ting. Osku’s special­ties inclu­de ana­ly­tics set­tings and the interpre­ta­tion of ana­ly­tics. Howe­ver, also social media mar­ke­ting in B2B and B2C envi­ron­ments is among Osku’s core com­pe­tencies.


We are a com­for­table wor­king com­mu­ni­ty that always aims to deve­lop as pro­fes­sio­nals and offer per­so­nal ser­vice to cus­to­mers.


Kubla is a pro­fes­sio­nal of digi­tal mar­ke­ting that crea­tes results.


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