Instagram Advertising.

Instagram Advertising

Ins­ta­gram is a stel­lar chan­nels for par­tici­pa­ting your cus­to­mers and pro­ducing visual con­tent. Howe­ver, only few make use of Ins­ta­gram’s adver­ti­sing oppor­tu­ni­ties. In Fin­land, Ins­ta­gram adver­ti­sing has only been a thing for a year or two, and pio­neer busi­nes­ses have reac­hed ext­re­me­ly posi­ti­ve results from this chan­nel. On Ins­ta­gram, con­tent and very detai­led tar­ge­ting are key – the pho­tos can’t be ads pus­hing people to buy or too uni­la­te­ral com­mu­nica­tion. With Ins­ta­gram adver­ti­sing, you can:
  1. reach a comple­te­ly new kind of tar­get group
  2. direct people to visit your web­si­te or down­load your app
  3. boost your video views
  4. build your brand
  5. expand and diver­si­fy your com­mu­nica­tions
  6. inc­rea­se con­su­mer par­tici­pa­tion.
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