Facebook Pricing for Ads 

Facebook Pricing for ads varies considerably depending on the target group, industry and the format of the ad. As a general rule, $100 can reach 10,000 people.  So you can reach $100,000 different people with $1,000. This is a good rule of thumb when thinking about your Facebook advertising budget and planning your advertising.

However, the price of Facebook advertising depends on many factors and during the COVID pandemic our Kubla team has reached up to 800,000 people for $500 with Facebook advertising. So the Facebook pricing for ads varies greatly on many changing factors.  The key is well-designed and targeted advertising. This way, the Facebook pricing for ads remains moderate and you get maximum results for minimum investment.

Is Facebook advertising worth it?

In our experience, Facebook advertising is an effective way to raise awareness of your business profile and to collect direct contacts for your sales team. Facebook advertising is most commonly perceived as a “consumer channel” and not worth it for serious B2B firms, but while Facebook isn’t a popular channel to use during business hours, there are huge spikes just before, during and after the work days.  For example, the biggest spikes in users are in the mornings from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. and lunchtimes 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. With this information, it’s hard to deny that Facebook is also used during working hours and it’s definitely worth considering Facebook pricing for ads for all businesses.

Lastly, it is good to note that the message, or ad, will always speak to the customer if the target group is defined correctly. If you help the customer solve a problem, then the channel is not important, they will find you.  We have concluded this through analytics of the hundreds of b2b campaigns we have implemented on Facebook for our clients as well as ourselves. LinkedIn also works in b2b marketing but realistically, Facebook has reached a larger target audience, generated more website visitors, and eventually contacts, in nearly every comparison test we have ever performed.

Facebook pricing for ads vs. Linked advertising price

Facebook pricing for ads is much lower than Linked advertising, meaning you can reach a much larger audience on Facebook with the same money. However, this does not mean that Facebook is the only effective channel for reaching the target audience and creating an overall brand image. Facebook’s advertising tools also allow for more precise targeting of b2b target groups, and for this reason, you can reach the same target group from Facebook more cost effectively.

On the other hand, LinkedIn is a good channel for many companies to show activity to the desired target groups and raise awareness among the new target audience. LinkedIn advertising is more expensive but in many cases it makes sense to combine Facebook advertising with LinkedIn advertising. This will give you better coverage, especially when selling b2b services. If your company’s marketing budget only allows for advertising on one channel at a time though, we recommend testing two months of Facebook advertising and then two months of LinkedIn advertising.

How is the Facebook pricing for ads calculated for your business?

Facebook pricing for ads is thus largely determined by the size of the target group. In USA, the target groups are considerably larger than in several other economic areas, and this sometimes makes it easier to optimize advertising. Facebook favors larger audiences, so Facebook’s own algorithm starts looking for the best possible customers for your business.  Facebook pricing for ads stays moderate as long as the marketing budget invested is targeted at just the right customers.

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Facebook pricing for ads - Campaigns

The price of Facebook advertising varies depending on the format of the ad and there are several options. For example, on Facebook, you can choose from these options:

  • Transport
  • Commitment
  • Application installations
  • Video views
  • Leads Generator
  • Conversions
  • Product catalog sales
  • You visit the store

The most commonly used goals for Facebook advertising above are coverage and traffic. Facebook pricing for ads is much cheaper if you just want to reach as many different potential customers as possible (coverage). If you want to direct as many potential customers as possible directly to your company’s website, then Facebook pricing for ads is much more expensive. Using the coverage option, it is very possible to reach up to 100,000 people for 100 dollars, while using the traffic option, it is more likely to reach “only” about 10 to 20,000 people, which is only a fraction compared to the coverage ad format.

How much should you invest in Facebook advertising?

The cost of advertising on Facebook is, of course, determined by your business goals. For example, Facebook pricing for ads can start with as little as 100 dollars per month if it is the amount you want to invest in Facebook advertising.  As a general guideline, we encourage our customers to invest at least 500 dollars per month in Facebook advertising, because then our experts will be able to test different target groups extensively. This also allows Facebook’s own algorithms to learn more about the target audience and the Facebook pricing for ads allows for more testing.   Tests are absolutely key to achieve effective advertising. If you are just practicing advertising and want to implement it yourself, the Facebook pricing for ads may well be only 100 dollars per month.  This will help you understand the options and how they produce different results.  If you’re ready to use the Kubla’s team of experts, we want you to see results quickly, so we recommend a monthly budget of at least 500 dollars.

If you want fast results with Facebook advertising, just ask and we will get results for your company together! We also offer educational service to our customers and support, so you can become your own Facebook advertising professional! Ask us to learn more! And as always, remember to like us on Facebook!

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