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Better service than the previous partner offered. Monthly meetings, understandable review of reports. They take good care of us and the results have also improved.”
Ville Hornborg, Nordcom Oy
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How to become a social media advertising expert 

The service in a nutshell 

Active account development - not just maintenance. Your media budget is fully scalable.

Google Ads 

Why should you choose Kubla? 

Start with a small budget 

Advertising starts with a smaller budget, scaled as soon as results arrive.

Genuine interest 

Genuine interest in growing your business - we’re really working to develop an advertising account. You don’t pay us for maintenance alone.

You know what is going on 

Active communication with our customers and clear information about the launch of campaigns and the results. Our cooperation is transparent.

Risk-free cooperation 

No long annual contracts, the results speak for themselves. Cooperation with us is risk-free.

For many companies, search engine advertising is the most effective digital marketing channel. So let a knowledgeable professional handle your company’s search engine advertising. Feel free to contact us!

Need help marketing your business digitally? 

Contact Kubla, let’s get things going! 

We have helped countless companies achieve their digital marketing goals. If you want to talk about the service, contact us now and we will discuss the topic!

This is how we help you 

Introductory meeting

We start the collaboration with an hour-long kick-off meeting to gather relevant information about your business, target group and goals.

After the kick-off meeting, we will request access to accounts and make necessary changes or set up the advertising accounts. Next, you will receive access to a shared project management tool, which you can use to track updates and progress. After a thorough keyword analysis and competitor research, we will make ad suggestions.

At Kubla, it’s important for us that our customers know optimizing your account is included in the package price. There are no additional costs, not even Google remarketing!

Continuous Communication

Keeping you informed of what’s happening in your account and with your ads is of the utmost importance to us. You’ll be informed whenever we launch campaigns or make major changes to your ads. You can also easily follow the project from your page without spending time or effort on advertising development, or you can actively participate in the development of advertising if you wish.

The advertising process is completely transparent with us. We pride ourselves on our personal service and are confident that within six months of our collaboration, you will certainly have a much stronger understanding of search engine advertising and our strategy to your success.

Reporting and advertising account development

Advertising has never been and never will be an exact science. It requires continuous testing and optimization, for which we have already planned. We consistently review search engine advertising results and will meet with you once a month to share our analysis. We promise to speak in plain language and will actively propose any changes we believe could further improve cost-effectiveness. All of this is included in our package and as always, there are no additional costs.

The goal of advertising is to bring results. Our process is designed to ensure that happens.

What we charge 

We received 48 new contacts during the first month.“
Seppo Lindroos, Medident Oy

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