Display marketing 

With moderate budget, we achieved huge visibility on big sites. Customers and employees also noticed the advertising. ”
Henri Hiekkamies, Limusiinit.com
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The service in a nutshell 

Reach a giant audience with a small amount of money. Display advertising works especially to reach a new audience and support other marketing.

Display marketing 

Why should you choose Kubla? 

Great audience at a low price 

Suuren yleisön tavoittaminen pienemmälläkin rahasummalla. Display sopii erinomaisesti uuden yleisön tavoittamiseen ja monikanavaisen markkinoinnin tueksi.

Versatile targeting 

Mainonnan kohdentaminen hyvinkin tarkasti haluttuun kohderyhmään heidän käyttäytymisensä perusteella.

Know what is going on 

Active communication with our customers and clear information about the launch of campaigns and the results. Our cooperation is transparent.

Risk-free cooperation 

No long annual contracts, but the results speak for themselves. Cooperation with us is risk-free.

With display advertising, your business appears on popular sites and you get hundreds of thousands of pairs of eyes for your message at a very affordable price. Feel free to contact us!

Need help marketing your business digitally? 

Contact Kubla, let’s get things going! 

We have helped countless companies achieve their digital marketing goals. If you want to discuss more about the service, contact us now and we will discuss more about the topic!

This is how we help you 

Introductory meeting

We start the collaboration with an hour-long kick-off meeting to gather relevant information about your business, target group and goals.

After the kick-off meeting, we will launch display advertising and open access to a common project management tool. If banner materials do not exist or are not available from the advertising agency, we will help in the production of materials suitable for the goals.

Continuous information

It is especially important for us to keep you informed of what is happening in display advertising. That’s why we keep you informed whenever we launch campaigns or make major changes to your ads. You can easily follow the project from the page without spending more time or actively participate in the development of advertising. Doing advertising with us is completely transparent and you always get a personal service from us.

Reporting and advertising account development

We review the results of display advertising on a monthly basis in plain language, and based on them, we actively propose changes to advertising.

The goal of the advertising we do is to bring results, and that’s why we want to make sure that’s what really happens.

We reached over 350,000 potential customers in the first month.”
Aleksi Kähärä, RecAir Oy

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