How to become a social media advertising expert 

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Social media is a massive part of our everyday life. It’s a way for us to connect with people all around the world, but it has also become an extremely powerful tool for digital marketing. While some people don’t want to stress about social media marketing and choose to outsource it, others like to take care of it themselves. For those who like to take care of it themselves, we have chosen a few tips on how to become a social media advertising expert. 

Learn the fundamentals

Well what does this mean? From a marketing perspective, it means understanding the different tools and platforms and how to use them to reach the desired outcome. Content wise it’s more about understanding the type of content that works on different platforms and what type of audience can be reached across said platforms. A good way to learn how to navigate the meta platforms is Meta Blueprint. It offers quick courses on different topics for Facebook and Instagram from beginner to advanced. It also offers certificates that you can take. These can be a great addition to your CV if you are interested in working with social media. Other great ways to learn are blogs like this one. We won’t be going deep into fundamentals in this one, but there are countless great blogs to learn the fundamentals both on our site and across the internet.

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Learn to understand the analytics

Let’s get to the boring part, or the exciting one if you happen to like numbers. Understanding the analytics behind your social media content is crucial when learning how to become a social media advertising expert. One of the great things in social media marketing is the ability to track very detailed data. Understanding Click through rates, conversion prices, ad recall lift and many other metrics, you won’t have to wonder if your ads are working. You will know exactly which ads are working and will be able to make adjustments accordingly. Learning to understand what are the reasons behind certain ads getting better numbers than others is of course a completely different animal. Luckily the data will help you to constantly test ads and try to optimize them.

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Stay aware of the trends

Nowadays it seems that every morning there are ten new global trends doing their circles around social media. While it may seem like an exaggeration, it is not far from the truth. New trends are constantly popping up while older trends die out every day. This is one of the more difficult tips on how to become a social media advertising expert, but mastering it is all the more rewarding. Successfully jumping on trends and being able to capitalize on them in advertising can bring massive results. This is far from easy though. The trend must already have enough traction on your target group, you have to take action early enough, but you must stay tactful. If trying to use the trend in advertising feels too forced, it might drive away potential customers. While difficult, staying aware of the new trends and capitalizing on them is effective when done correctly.

Be active

This applies to both organic content and paid advertising. When building a following for your brand with organic content, being active with posting quality content is one of the most important things to remember. With paid advertising the type of content you are producing but staying active is still key. As mentioned before, you should be constantly monitoring your ads performances and trying to optimize them to perform better. This also includes the previously mentioned staying aware of trends to use in your marketing.

Start your social media journey

Hopefully now you have a better understanding on how to become a social media advertising expert. These tips apply both to working as a social media marketing consultant and just running the social media of your own business. If social media advertising still feels overwhelming, feel free to contact us and let us help you.

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How to become a social media advertising expert 
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