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Social media has cemented its place in digital marketing and is something that everyone should be focusing on. Taking advantage of social media in marketing might still be quite tricky sometimes, and this is why we want to give you in our opinion the best tips from social media advertising experts. There are obviously other important things to consider when advertising on social media, but they will be focused more on in later blogs. After all, you don’t want to spend the rest of your week reading this one.

Understand your audience

We are going to start with an obvious one. This is one that applies to every form of marketing, but it’s still worth mentioning when it comes to social media advertising. Perhaps the most important thing to understand about your audience is where to find them. Which platforms they use and when. This will dictate the channels that you will choose for your social media advertising. Especially smaller businesses need to choose their channels carefully. It would be a complete waste of budget trying to be everywhere all the time. Understanding which channels to focus on will also have a heavy impact in planning your content. Users on different channels want to see very different content and you can’t just reuse identical posts across different platforms. 

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Start a dialogue

One of the big selling points of advertising in social media is the ability to connect with your audience. Social media, while being good for boosting sales and brand awareness, can be great in humanising your brand and bringing it a little closer to your audience. Don’t just advertise. A monologue doesn’t create a connection. Share content that your audience finds interesting and invite them to take part in the discussion. Create value for them with your posts, share tips and tricks etc. The content can really be whatever you want as long as the audience also wants it and wants to engage with it. Having a dialogue with your audience will also help you with our first point of understanding your audience and planning your content accordingly. 

Define your goals

Social media can grant you success in many different ways, but to reach said success you need to understand what you are aiming for. If your aim is to drive sales, the metrics you use to measure success are completely different than for example if you want to grow your brand awareness. Even if you have specific goals you have to also understand what to measure. 

Let’s make an example. Are Facebook likes a good metric to measure success on social media? While there is never any harm in getting a lot of likes, if the people liking your posts are not engaging with your content apart from those likes you aren’t really achieving much. Likes can help in growing your brand but should never be the end goal and they are often referred to as a vanity metric. You should be more focused on engagement rates, ad recall lift etc. 

Be consistent

Whether it’s paid advertising or organic content, the key is to stay consistent. People follow social media pages because they like the content there. To build your social media presence you need to be constantly posting new content on your page. A good way to stay consistent is to use tools to schedule content for the future. If you schedule posts a month in advance you get more flexibility and time to react if you need to change something or if you can’t think of any content. With paid advertising consistency is also key. You should always monitor how your ads are doing and how you could make them better. This requires constant monitoring and testing to find out what works and why.

Start advertising on social media

Last but not least, start marketing on social media. You can read all the best tips from social media advertising experts, but if you aren’t active on social media what’s the point? It is never too early to start building a presence on social media and usually the earlier you start the better. As we said in the beginning there are obviously many great tips that weren’t mentioned in this particular blog, but these should still help you get started with your social media marketing. If you want to talk about social media marketing or are considering outsourcing it, contact us and let’s have a chat!

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Best tips from social media advertising experts
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