Facebook and Instagram advertising 

The effectiveness of the advertising exceeded the targets and social media became a surprisingly important source of customers to our website right from the first month.”
Olli Suvanto, Laitilan Rautakauppa Oy
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The service in a nutshell 

Well-targeted, cost-effective advertising aimed at consumer and business target groups, where you can get started on a smaller budget.

Facebook and Instagram advertising 

Why should you choose Kubla? 

Start with a small budget 

Advertising starts with a smaller budget, scaled as soon as results arrive.

Reach even the most difficult target groups 

Targeted advertising that also reaches business decision-makers and other hard-to-reach audiences.

Know what is going on 

Active communication with our customers and clear information about the launch of campaigns and the results.

Risk-free cooperation 

No long annual contracts, but the results speak for themselves. Cooperation with us is risk-free.

Let a knowledgeable professional handle your company’s Facebook and Instagram advertising. Feel free to contact us!

Need help advertising on social media? 

Contact Kubla, let’s start marketing! 

We have helped countless companies achieve their digital marketing goals. If you want to discuss more about the service, contact us now and we will discuss more about the topic!

This is how we help you 

Social media B2B advertising

The business decision-maker is not much different from a consumer, as he also uses social media. Kubla has great ways to reach the desired group of business decision-makers from social media in a cost-effective way. B2B marketing is certainly not limited to Linkedin. Facebook and Instagram advertising can also be targeted at companies and their decision-makers, for example on the basis of their turnover, result, industry, number of employees or the decision maker’s e-mail address.

In addition to Facebook and Instagram, we also do B2B advertising on Twitter and Youtube. Channel choices are always made, of course, guided by goals, product and target group, and the budget is directed to where the results are most generated.

Kick-off meeting to understand goals

We start each collaboration with an hour-long kick-off meeting to gather relevant information about your business, target group and goals. You are the expert on your business and we want to convey your knowledge in the right way to the right people on the right platforms. Our pledge is to help you reach the right audience for your sales with an exemplary advertising campaign.

After the kick-off meeting, we will request access to accounts and make necessary changes or set up the advertising accounts. Then we will grant access to a shared project management tool.

Facebook and Instagram advertising are managed from the same tool, so once we settle on your focus, it can be used on both channels at once. Through us, you get both services for one price.

Continuous Communication

As communication is one of the cornerstones of trust-inspiring collaboration, it’s especially important to us to keep you abreast of what’s happening in your account and in your ads. We keep you informed whenever we launch campaigns or make major changes to your ads. You can easily follow the project from the page without spending any more time on it, or you can actively participate in the development of advertising if you wish. Personal service is of the utmost importance for us.

Reporting and advertising account development

We review the results on a monthly basis in plain language and suggest changes to your advertising based on them. The goal of our work is to bring results and we will ensure that is the case.

What we charge 

$1000/m +
The number of contacts increased by 137% when we started precisely targeted social media advertising with Kubla.”
Ville Hornborg, Nordcom Oy

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