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Keyword research is a process to optimize one’s website or marketplace to rank in search engines. Suppose you want your content or product to rank on the top list. In that case, you will have to put a great effort into finding suitable words which are less competitive and relevant to your site. If that’s the case, you’ll love to see a tool that can support you authentically and in the long run. Yes, we’re talking about Google Ads Keyword Planner.

The best way to rank a site or blog is – perfectly planned keywords. Along with this, the Google Ads Keyword Planner helps to build a strong marketing strategy. This is a free-to-use feature with Google Ads that generates keyword ideas and bid estimations. If you’re new to this tool, then welcome. In this article, we’ll discuss all the basics of Google Ads Keyword Planner. Let’s start with the benefits.

Benefits of Google Ads Keyword Planner

The keyword planner market is oversaturated, and you may ask, “Why Google Keyword Planner is unique?” The answer is quite simple- most of us target to rank top in Google search, and they provide this tool. This is just the tip of the iceberg; here’s more; 

Refine Your Audience with Filter

Your keywords can have a higher volume in national or broad areas. You can filter the location to determine if the word is relevant or famous in your locality.

Perfect Keyword Combination

This option will help you to achieve a more defined and targeted keyword. Just input two separate lists of keywords and create a new keyword combination.

No Language Barrier

A site can have several language versions of pages (such as English and Spanish). Often people tend to get confused about the language barrier. Unlike other keyword finders, this particular keyword planner allows you to search volume data and trends for a specific language.

Remove Negative Keywords

Cut down unnecessary words that you don’t want to include. For instance, if you don’t want to target phrases like ‘kids’ or ‘adult’ – there’s an option for you to restrict those words.

See Suggested Bid

Who doesn’t want to have control over their budget? The Google keyword planner simplifies your keyword analysis by providing enough data like search volume and suggested bids. You can find the CPC (cost-per-click) in the keyword search result table and decide which one is good for you.

Get High-Quality Keywords

Input the words or phrases related to your business or website to generate fresh and great quality keywords that perhaps you haven’t considered before. 

Generate Relevant Keywords for Specific Page

Insert a specific page on your site; this tool will read the page and generate relevant keywords.

Take Your Marketing Strategy to the Next Level

Any keyword researcher loves to have great keywords with minimum word competition. Google Ads Keyword Planner gives an idea about over-competitive keywords. The tool makes it easier to forecast which one will be difficult to rank. This way, you will have an excellent grip over marketing strategy. 

The marketplace or website will only rank on the top for the quality of your content and keywords. The Keyword Planner is incomparable to others. Its features can change the view towards keyword research and online marketing.

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Using the Google Ads Keyword Planner

After going through the benefits, perhaps you are interested in exploring this tool’s proper usages, right? It’s nothing like rocket science. Just have patience and learn the process. The result will follow. Here’s a 2-step process for you.

Find the Right Keywords

Finding the perfect keywords is not as easy as it seems. Here is the process:

  • Get rid of every negative word that you don’t want to include.
  • Enter a specific page of your site to generate relevant keywords on your topic.
  • Filter the audience’s location and choose those words which are more relevant in the preferred area where you want to sell your products.
  • Observe your bid. Make sure it doesn’t cross the budget.
  • Grab those keywords with less competition in the market. 

That’s the exact process we follow at Kubla. Yes, it takes time to find a great keyword. Don’t rush; stay calm. Only patience can bring you the desired success. If you need any help with Google Ads, feel free to give us a knock. Our team of experts will be at your side throughout the bumpy ride. 

Placing the Keywords

Now the hard part is done. This is the easiest part but a bit tricky. You have to do some testing after studying all the methods we have shared, including this one.  A little bit of practicing will deliver the ultimate result.

  • Once you have found your marketing or content words, you can divide them into two parts – 1. Main Keywords 2. Secondary Keywords.
  • The main keywords are directly related to the title of your content. We recommend using this keyword at most two or three times.
  • Secondary keywords are co-related with your content, and these are used multiple times.

Warning: Whatever you do, be sure to stay as natural as possible. Do not overuse any keyword. Otherwise, Google will punish that content for keyword stuffing. 

Why did we call this ‘placing keyword’ part tricky? The answer is – sometimes, a new and less competitive keyword can turn useless only for your usage of that word. You can make multiples mistakes, like misplacing the word; also, the excessive use of that word can pull down the rank.

Final Words about Google Ads Keyword Planner

Everything remains a mystery in the beginning, but gradually it unfolds. Like this, at first, facing problems with the ranking is a common thing. Slowly, you will discover the power of intensive keyword research by using the keyword planner. 

With enough cautiousness and patience, your content and website can reach the top rank after some time. The services Google Ads Keyword Planner is providing are pretty much like unconditional love towards your lover. We are confident that you will not have to move to another keyword finder after using this one. Need any help with Google Ads Keyword Planner? Feel free to reach out to team Kubla.

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Google Ads Keyword Planner
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