How to do Marketing on LinkedIn 

Do you wish to push your business to that level where global leaders, brands, giant employers share their thoughts and coffees? If yes, then welcome to Linkedin! Have you ever wondered how to do marketing on LinkedIn? Read this article to find out.

LinkedIn is a global hub of 740 million users, 55 million brands, and the number doesn’t seem to stop nearby. All the brands here aren’t only busy hiring and recruiting enticing talents; some are crawling for better business-to-business or business-to-consumer leads and getting more sales.

We believe, after seeing all these exciting connections, brand status, promotions, you are here with one single question, “how to do marketing on LinkedIn?” Well, that’s why we are here to discuss – every nitty-gritty of LinkedIn marketing – Present all the secret recipes to help you earn the most benefit of it.

So, let’s get down to the business.

What’s LinkedIn Marketing & To Whom LinkedIn Marketing Fits

First things first, you may even wonder why to choose marketing on LinkedIn in the first place? Is it even for me? Before we answer that, here are some solid facts to keep your motivation up;

  • LinkedIn is the premium choice for professional B2B marketers because 96% use LinkedIn for organic traffic.
  • Up to 80% of B2B social leads come from LinkedIn.
  • 45% of marketers believe that LinkedIn boosted leads with customer acquisition.
  • This platform enhanced conversations by 55% among connections, no matter they are known or unknown to each other.

LinkedIn Marketing is the approach of building connections with other brands, influencers, experts, business owners, generating leads, creating brand trust, making partnerships, driving traffic, and sharing content. All of these situations are part of the LinkedIn marketing strategy. 

If your business isn’t running at its fullest, then surely LinkedIn should be your next step to get into professional surroundings, increase revenue, and gain numerous successes. Not only victory at business, but you’ll also have a good network, profound leads, and so on. LinkedIn is a powerful social platform to get your business ahead of the pack with all of the hidden and vigilant features.

How to Plan Your LinkedIn Marketing

Now that you’ve learned LinkedIn marketing is for you and intended to get the marketing off the ground, you must have a rock-solid plan. A plan will let you know if your actions and strategies are indeed working out or not. 

Here’s an actionable plan for you to start with;

1. Target Audience

Each business serves different purposes and has its target audience. While researching and knowing your target audience, you will know what they seek on social platforms. That way, you can make content that will impress them, convert them into customers from regular users, and eventually share it with others. 

Below are some aspects to consider when sorting your target customers:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Average Income
  • Interests
  • Job title or Job Industry

Know the inner insights and facts that’ll assist you in luring the correct data. Don’t believe in any naysayers or data that comes out of the blue. Here are some solid facts for more accurate targeting. 

As soon as you have your hand on proper data validations, you can run ads or campaigns.

2. Set a Budget

Budgeting for a LinkedIn marketing campaign depends on multiple factors; regardless, you chose cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-impression (CPM).

If you implement the CPC bidding process, each click will boost conversion; for example, lead capture and webinar registrations. On the other hand, CPM directly works on improving brand awareness and trust in full swing.

3. Set the Schedule for Posting & Others

Unlike Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms, LinkedIn is likely a more audience-oriented social platform with its leads from professionals, salespeople, recruiters, brands, and so on. While the platform doesn’t seem to stop growing based on various cases and uses, we show an average response time without focusing on a single industry. 

According to Oberlo, here are some exciting times to schedule posts and event for better engagements; 

  1. Best Times: Wednesday 8 to 10 a.m. and noon, Thursday 9 a.m. and 1 to 2 p.m., and Friday 9 a.m.
  2. Best Day: Wednesday and Thursday
  3. Worst Call: Sunday

Moreover, B2B marketing on LinkedIn is the most profitable one to invest in. LinkedIn has more B2B users than B2C. It’s imperative to put you out there in the position and know the right time to share your content or events.

4. Set Goals

Getting your goals right in the position can corner the market of your choice. Whether it’s about publishing content, approaching customers via different directions, it all depends on your goals – the final objective.

Here are some topics for which you’d love to set goals:

  • Selling service or product
  • Creating brand awareness
  • Engaging more and more target audience
  • Emphasizing brand reputation
  • Generating valuable and qualified leads

As you got all lead to craft a perfect plan, it’s time to focus on the business.

Are you interested in starting marketing on LinkedIn, or maximize the profits from your current marketing?

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How to Use LinkedIn for Business

Even if you outline a top-notch plan, you can’t rock your business unless you know the right way to execute it. To be on the safer side, follow these methods:

  • Create LinkedIn Page

Before you start running a LinkedIn marketing campaign, you’ll need a company page on LinkedIn. Don’t have one already? You can easily make one. Here are the tips and tricks.

  • Add LinkedIn Button

Whenever you use social handles to promote your LinkedIn Page, suppose a newsletter or website, add a social media icon to either footer or header. It helps people to track your LinkedIn Page.

  • Share Your Page

Once you’ve landed a new page on LinkedIn, you must share it among others. Let people get acquainted with your business. Send emails to your employees, and ask them to spread the news as well. Also, share your companys’ exciting stories. Stories are amazing at engaging people effectively.

Consider having all digital tools, like social channels, newsletters, and websites, to create a more enlarged fan base. Once you’ve got a nice number of followers, talk to people about what the company can do for them, starting from live sessions to job opportunities.

How to Run LinkedIn Marketing

After crafting all planning and strategies, it’s time you do the marketing. You can perform it in two ways – either do it yourself (DIY) or hire any media agency to do the marketing for you.

There are benefits and drawbacks on both sides – but we’d honestly recommend you hire professionals to do the job right off the bat. 

If you or your employees do the marketing, here are the following thing to have. Otherwise, success might come once in a blue moon!

  • Good hold on marketing knowledge
  • Complete multiple training sessions or invest in increasing marketing capabilities
  • Should become a priority instead of a regular job
  • Must have the right person to execute all the plannings effectively

Here’s what you can expect from hiring a media agency.

  • Diversified skills and professional experience to sharpen your business from the very beginning.
  • You might not afford full-time marketers for various expertise, so it’s better to work with an agency to broaden up your marketing.
  • Agency gets to work with multiple businesses at a time, so they’d know how your business can do in the future or what juice your business needs.
  • Running ads on multiple platforms at a time is expensive. An agency with a strong portfolio can smartly suggest when to stop this ad and run another one on a different platform.
  • An agency can be a good handle if you run a big business cause they’d know how to implement the right tools in the right section.

Still, confused which will be better for you? Please give us a knock. Our team of experts will evaluate your business and the market and suggest the best action plan to adopt.

What to Measure & When to Scale Up/Down

With all the marketing done and performed, how would you know the marketing went perfectly? How’d you measure the metrics and monitor the results? Yes, it’s significantly valuable to keep track of your marketing campaigns and measure the progress. 

As soon as you’ve landed your page, you can access to analytics menu to find the metrics. These are –

  • Updates

Here you’ll find out from the shown metrics that if your business updates are engaging more customers or not.

  • Followers

Followers are the lifeline of a company or brand. From this metric, you’ll see how many followers you have, who’s following your brand page, how many came through paid ads or without paid ads, etc.

  • Visitors

It’s a metric of how many people view your company’s page, including followers and non-followers.

Now, the question is when to scale up/down?

Simply put, the analytics score will speak to you if you require scaling up or down. If the results aren’t happening, break down the reports, and find out what’s gone wrong. Consult with someone experienced to analyze the indicators better. 

Final Words

In a nutshell, LinkedIn is a platform with abundant opportunities to enrich your brand globally and compete with other brands. It’s high time you learned how to do marketing on LinkedIn, gained numerous success, created brand awareness, increased sales and services, and so on.

Have a question? Please leave us a message. We, team Kubla, will be happy to see you succeed.

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How to do Marketing on LinkedIn
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