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Social media marketing is communication on social media, either paid advertising or using free social methods.

The most common social media are Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Social media marketing can mean any of these things

Posting on the social media channels

Posting can be, for example, one of the following

  1. Text posts that tell you what’s going on with your company.
  2. Photo posts, for example, from your office.
  3. Video posts, which could be from your site, for example.

You can make most of the images and videos in the posts directly from your mobile phone.

Paid social advertising

You can highly target advertising on social media channels for both B2B and B2C sales.

In general, the aim is to get more B2B leads and B2C sales.

Social media is constantly increasing its role in marketing, and it’s good to consider that most of your customers are already on these social channels.

Today, more than 70% of American citizens use social media regularly. 

Is it worth doing social media advertising? How can you measure social advertising? Do you know if your business could benefit from social media advertising?

Our team of experts can help you find out which online marketing tools will work best for you. Contact us.

Simply “posting” on the web is not enough to get results.

It’s not enough to be present on social media; you need to think about how your messages reach your target audience. The good news is that we can tell you that it is also possible for your target group whether you want B2B links or B2C links and shops.

In addition to posting, it’s also good to consider reaching your desired target group, which you can only do with paid advertising. This allows your company to be very specific about the B2B or B2C target group to which your ads will appear.

Below is an example of ads that appear on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

social media marketing example
social media marketing example
social media marketing example

Therefore, these ads above will only appear on the timeline of carefully selected individuals.

In B2B advertising, you can only choose a business decision-maker and target the advertising directly to the CEOs or managers. Thus, social media advertising is not only for consumers but also for carefully selected business target groups.

For example, you can show B2B advertising to people you select based on their mobile phone number and email address. At Kubla, we can help you find the best target groups for B2B advertising based on criteria such as:

  • Turnover
  • Company results
  • Geographical area of operation
  • Industry
  • Number of employees
  • Title/job title
  • GSM number
  • E-mail address
  • And a lot of other criteria, from the company’s solvency.

You can find your target groups with this great free tool from LeadCloud for B2B and B2C sales.

Below is an example of target group selection, which you can find free of charge here. We highly recommend you check out the tool or ask us for help with your target group thinking.

Of course, the above selection criteria are only examples. We help our clients find the best decision-makers to start working within any industry.

At Kubla, we market our clients’ products daily on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, among others. You can ask our team for more information, or contact Kalle Santalahti, Managing Director, directly at 050 910 3452, or email [email protected].  

We can also directly discuss your target group and different ways to find them over the phone. For example, we can start by designing a social media campaign for your company.

Need more information about social media advertising?

Our team of experts can help you find out which internet marketing methods work best. Contact us.

Most common uses of social media advertising

Boost your profile

Social media marketing can quickly raise your company’s profile and you’ll hear from your customers soon after you start advertising. It’s hard not to notice your company’s message when advertising exactly to the right target audience with social media marketing.

Get more B2B leads or B2C sales.

The purpose of advertising is always to increase your company’s sales in one way or another. That’s why we at Kubla measure the results of your online advertising very carefully and target your message only to the best and carefully chosen target group. 

This way you will start to get more deals, quotes, and direct contacts from social media.

Customers will get to know your business better and become more engaged with your brand.

Sales are traditionally face-to-face and will probably continue to be for a long time to come. However, it is good to remember that we all have thousands of companies and target people in the target group. 

Therefore, face-to-face sales should be supported by social media advertising to reach your target audience monthly and make it easier for customers to remember your business when a salesperson drives up to show your products or a customer comes to visit your store.

Do you want to start advertising your business on Google or maximize your current advertising?

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Google gives you the most straightforward commerce

In 2019…

  1. our customers generated more than €73 million in sales from traffic generated by Google advertising
  2. 93% of customers who tried Google advertising with us ended up continuing to do so
  3. We displayed our clients’ Google ads total of 125,000,000 times
  4. Visitors to our clients’ sites who were referred by Google advertising filled in a contact form 5,700 times

Google advertising is the most effective way for businesses to advertise online. When customers Google, they are looking for companies’ websites to buy the services they need.

Maybe you do this yourself?

It has been a long time, and water has flowed since the time you did this search on the Yellow Pages. Remember those days?

But now searches are done on Google, and just like the yellow pages, we only Google when we need to.

That’s why Google gives you a quick way to do business and make contact and connect with your existing customers, as well as customers you’ve never met before.

Virtually every customer referred to your website has searched for services or products in your sector and is, therefore, a potential buyer. So no money is wasted on this channel. 

You don’t have to pay anything for people to see your ads on Google. You only pay for the fact that the person who sees the ad clicks on the ad they see and then comes to your company’s website. You only pay for the customers who come to your site.

Together, we’ll think of all these keywords we want to use to advertise your business services on the internet and Google. We constantly optimize your online advertising and make sure that your customers are addressed with the correct sales phrases in the ads. 

So, you don’t have to think about these ads yourself; we make them for you to see, and then you get to approve these ads, which we publish online for you. 

We always offer a complete solution, and we actively encourage our customers to ensure that information is also passed on about what we do. The results your business gets in online advertising.

Almost all of your competitors also do Google advertising, but the best results will be achieved by those who reach…

  • As much as possible
  • The most visitors with the most purchase needs
  • At the lowest possible price

What makes good Google advertising?

Keywords are relevant

Relevance means that the visitor has actually Googled keywords that are important to your business. For example, as a furniture retailer, you certainly don’t want to pay for searches like “sofa cleaning” but would rather have a visitor who has Googled “new sofa”.

Ads are attractive

The attractiveness of ads affects the cost of the campaign as a whole. The hallmark of an attractive ad is a high click-through rate. One way to achieve this is by testing ad versions and ensuring that keywords match the ad. Ads with a good click-through rate will bring you more favorable traffic.

Cost-effective advertising

This is achieved, for example, by favoring low-cost keywords that generate relevant traffic, so that the advertising budget generates as much traffic as possible.

The results are measurable

A company does not do anything with visitor numbers or click-through rates alone, but with the results achieved through advertising. When you choose us as your partner, we will keep you informed of the results and analyze them with you.

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