Why Hiring a Digital Marketing Consultant Is Dangerous For Small Businesses 

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Many small businesses struggle to keep up with the pressures of maintaining a reputable online presence and developing a robust online marketing strategy. It is a common belief that hiring a digital marketing consultant is a cheaper way to get an expert to help you with your digital marketing touch-points. That’s true, but small businesses should be careful when hiring one.

The good news is that there are simple, cost-effective ways for small business owners to improve their online presence without spending a fortune on digital marketing consultants. In addition, the cost of outsourcing a digital marketing consultant is much lower than the cost of getting a digital marketing consultant for the business.

In today’s blog post, we’ll share why you should outsource a digital marketing consultant rather than hiring one for the company as a small business owner. But, first things first. Here are the basics.

Why Should You Go For Digital Marketing?

Nowadays, most companies are focusing on digital marketing, which is also known as internet marketing. Why is that?

Digital marketing can take your business to many users through the power of the internet because it holds a considerable market. According to data from Statista, as of January 2021, around 59.5 percent of the global population accessed the internet.

Thousands of companies only run their businesses based on digital marketing modules such as social media ads, search engine ads, content marketing, and more.

So, if you miss this statistic, then you are probably leaving a golden opportunity aside.

Who Is A Digital Marketing Consultant?

A digital marketing consultant is a person (or can be an agency) who has the potential to lead your business towards success. He provides the best possible solution related to digital marketing practices.

A digital marketing consultant knows about analyzing data, consumers’ needs, current market situation, understanding the psychology of users, finding an appropriate target market, building public relations, and practical occurrences of a business.

Their goal is to create brand awareness, increase sales, and gain the company’s revenue overall.

Note: Do not fall into scams. You may find many folks around the internet who may offer you digital marketing services at a surprisingly cheap rate. Be aware of them. Check honest reviews about them, or if it is an agency, then inquire what their background and staff are.

Do you want to start digital marketing or streamline your current business? We will be happy to help!

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Roles Of A Digital Marketing Consultant

A digital marketing consultant is a specialist in online marketing.

Professional digital marketing consultants are very dedicated to their duties. They use their experience, knowledge, and education for the success of a company.

Okay, what do they do?

Every business is not the same. Different products have different consumer types, market locations, and demands. For instance, you can’t sell eggs to an egg farm owner. So, a digital marketing consultant will analyze your business model, your products or services, and build a proper marketing strategy.

Including that, they are responsible for —

  • Finding the main objective of your business that can enhance your marketing goals.
  • Focusing on generating more leads for bringing sales.
  • Choosing the best platform for running ads. For example, for some products, Instagram might work better, or search engine ads might seem practical.
  • Running effective campaigns on different ad channels like Google, Facebook, and Twitter ads through analyzing data regularly of the campaigns and optimizing them.
  • Stopping unworthy ads and revising them.
  • Operating other junior marketing staff if needed.
  • Confirming a positive Return On Investment (ROI) to increase the profit.
  • Giving valuable suggestions to the company’s website and app developers and designers to become user-friendly and well-optimized for digital marketing needs.
  • Performing SEO audits on schedule and fixing the errors.
  • Finding new ways for increasing the engagement of customers.
  • Improving the branding of the company. It is for making the brand unique and valuable to the customers.
  • Analyzing competitors and figuring out what they are doing and why they are ahead of your company.
  • Planning a proper content publishing calendar. It includes finding a target audience, assuring valuable information in each blog post, and checking if every post is SEO optimized.
  • Confirming the uses of the best keywords inside each content.
  • Updating outdated blog contents on schedule on the blog through the assistance of writers.
  • Providing the ultimate output to scale up the company’s performance.

The complete role of digital consultants can’t be listed in words. This role covers a wide range of responsibilities. From planning to practical implementation, they do everything for a company’s marketing and ensure the utilization of all the available resources.

Well, you might be wondering how you can know the right time to hire an online marketing consultant. Here’s your answer.

When Should You Hire A Digital Marketing Consultant?

You know the status of your company. Then, ask yourself the following points —

  • Do you want strong support in your marketing strategies?
  • Do you want to expand your business?
  • Is your yearly revenue going down, and not sure where to start?
  • Do you want to improve the relationship with customers further?
  • Do you know the market but unable to catch it?
  • Are you losing to your competitors?
  • Do you need to analyze everything if your current digital marketing plan is not working?

If you got any of these as “yes,” then it’s high time to consult a marketing expert.

Digital Marketing Consultant: Hiring Vs. Outsourcing

This is a cost-saving solution if you do not have a dedicated digital marketing department at your company. Also, it is typically hard for a startup to have such a section fully loaded with highly experienced and professional employees due to a tight budget. That’s why you may consider hiring a freelance digital marketing consultant.

One of the most challenging parts about freelance work is that you’re never sure what to expect. There’s a chance that experienced consultants may be too expensive for your business needs. On the other side, it could also mean junior digital marketers don’t have enough experience to handle large projects like yours without supervision. But what about those of us who aren’t as seasoned?

That’s why we have Kubla- a Finland and Florida-based company with dedicated consultants at your disposal for any projects that need some extra expertise. We promise not only to give you a partner but also to make sure all our brain power is being used behind the scenes to help propel your business forward in the digital world!

If you’re looking for a team large enough to meet your needs and small enough to care, then Kubla is the digital marketing agency for you. To get started, you are welcome to book a free 15-minute online consultancy.

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