Is Google Ads worth it? 

If you have a website, digital marketing is an unavoidable solution for the promotion regardless your business is 100% on the internet or also run through physical stores. But it is 2021 already! Nowadays, there are other ways some people like to consider more. So, is Google Ads worth it in this modern age?

This tool is very old in the market since it was launched about 20 years ago. However, to maximize the success rate of online promotional campaigns, Google Ads (formerly AdWords) has been a quite popular choice among digital marketers.

Our today’s goal is to analyze the effectiveness of the Google Ads tool in this blog post. We’ll discuss this tool’s features, pros, cons, and after all, justify if you should choose it for your business.

How Google Ads Works Actually?

Google Ads is Google’s advertising tool. It works based on a pay-per-click (PPC) system. You can advertise your websites by selecting keywords that are relevant to your services or products. Your ads will be shown on the google search result page. So, Google will charge you for each click made by visitors.

According to Google’s policy, the paid ads will take place above the organic results. That means, if a visitor search for a keyword on Google, for instance, “digital marketing agency,” your website should be above the others which are not on paid promotion.

Why choose Google Ads campaigns?

So, is Google Ads worth it? PPC ads like Google Ads campaigns can work as a key weapon for the promotion of your business. The following points are noteworthy:

  1. You can set targeted ads.
  2. Easy to Track results.
  3. Flexible control over campaigns.

Let’s dive into details.

1. You can set targeted Ads.

The Google Ads channel will let you set targets for each ad that will help your website grow awareness among the people who are truly interested in your niche. You can specify age, geographical location, search words, interest, and many more things.

PPC ads will allow you to set keywords that go with your products. Similarly, demands for users’ age, interest, and hobby might be added.

You can also promote the same product with multiple keywords. For example, suppose you want to promote particularly a key chain made of gold. In that case, you may set campaigns with more than two keywords like “golden key chain” and “premium key chain.”

In addition, if you are running, let’s say, a local bakery, you definitely wouldn’t like to spend money behind capturing visitors from around the world. So, Google Ads will let you set specific geographical locations.

To be noted, setting the homepage as the targeted landing page is typically not mandatory for PPC ad campaigns. Though many people put just the homepage link in ads, you can use this feature to send visitors to a covert-to-sale optimized landing page for your product.

2. Easy to track results

You launch some ads, but now where to check the performance?

Watch your campaigns through the powerful analytics feature of the Google Ads platform. It will let you track records like click per cost, total ad spends, landing pages of all the ads you start.

You can also do A/B testing. That means you can compare between two ads and understand which one’s performance is better. This allows you to get rid of guessing situations and of maximizing the return of investment or ROI.

3. Flexible control over campaigns

You always have control over your ads. Because everything is happening around there due to your ads, it will be presented in front of you through analytics. So, you can monitor and decide anytime if you should continue a campaign or stop it.

Sometimes, we consider PPC ads more budget-friendly than normal SEO contracts. Because if you sign an SEO contract for three months, you cannot cancel the contract between this period, even if the result is not good. On the other hand, you can run promotions through Google Ads without signing up for any contract. It is one of the best benefits of a PPC ad channel.

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Tips for PPC ads

Google Ads is a powerful as well as a useful tool if you can operate it wisely. So, here are some tips for you that might help you in your operation.

1. Know Your Company

You should ‘know your company again’ before running PPC ads. Ask yourself —

  • Do you know who your target customers are?
  • Which geographical locations are you going to cover?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • Why do you need PPC ads?

You should not start until you know these answers.

2. Select Keywords Effectively

Google Ads will run your ads based on your keywords. Even, you set everything else like age and location correctly, the ads will not perform well if the keywords are not well.

So, explore your business niche. Find the interest of your customers. Research what people are finding on Google relevant to your business. Check the organic results and related keywords.

Some keywords might seem costly. Every expensive keyword is not worthy. So, do not go on prices; go on relevancy and try to find less competitive ones.

3. Costing

Do not start with a very low budget because the ads will remain unfinished. Also, do not be very expensive. It might take your ads to more people, but if the conversation is bad or you do not count your ROI, your campaigns might end up at a loss.

So, create a plan, and make a proper budget according to your needs.


So, what do you think — is Google Ads worth it?

For both small and big businesses, Google Ads can be a great choice. But for creating effective campaigns and positive ROI, it is recommended to hire experts. Otherwise, even a simple ignorance might push you to risks like going beyond the budget if you are not familiar with using this tool.

Don’t have enough time to learn it? Then it’s safe to hire an experienced agency in this field. For your note, we, Kubla Digital Marketing Agency, are offering this service at a very reasonable service charge.

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Is Google Ads worth it?
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