Keyword research 

Keyword research is a term you’ve probably come across in discussions about search engine marketing. Keyword research is the groundwork that a search engine optimization (SEO) consultant or search engine marketing (SEM) consultant does as their very first job. Keyword research is also referred to as keyword analysis.

Keyword Research - Boost your visibility in search engines with the right keywords.

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is the process of finding out which keywords are worth showing up for your business. 

Many businesses check that their own company comes up with the business name in Google for good rankings, if not first. For example, Florist Muhevainen could check that their site is found by typing Muhevainen into Google. But will the same company be found on Google when a customer searches for, say, ‘florist Espoo,’ ‘garden plants,’ or ‘garden shop’?

Keyword research will find out the keywords relevant to your business and how many people use these keywords per month or per year. Imagine that 880 people search for florists in Espoo every month, and at the time of the graduation in May, the number is many times higher!

So keyword research helps you get a great picture of the demand for your business’s services in Google’s search engine. 

Many tools will offer to provide a list of keywords that you should use in Google advertising. The list provided by the tools can serve as a basis for brainstorming, but you should always check the search volume for keywords. 

Otherwise, you may end up advertising with a search for ‘perennials Espoo’ instead of the trendy search ‘florists Espoo,’ for example, which does not result in any searches. In this case, you would completely waste your advertising dollars. 

Keyword research reveals a lot about your target audience and market

Keyword research provides your business with market intelligence in at least three ways.

  1. Keyword research is an excellent way to understand your target audience and market demand. For example, did you know that every month 110 people search for a tire shop in Konala and 70 people in Kajaani?
  2. Keyword research tells you how much your competitors are spending on marketing. The keyword research shows what keywords your competitors are using to appear in search engines and what they are paying for their visibility. This is made possible by comprehensive competitor analysis.
  3. Keyword research helps you to see trends. In addition to average monthly search data, keyword research can show you when search volumes are rising. For example, did you know that the highest number of searches for sunscreen is already in May each year, well before the heatwaves?

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Hiring a keyword research specialist or keyword research on your own?

Proper keyword research requires experience in search engine marketing and various tools, most of which are paid. If your company employs a digital marketing professional, you are good to conduct keyword research on your own. Tools such as Advanced WEB RANKING, SEMRush, or MozPRO are suitable.

It is also essential to find out how much your competitors are spending on Google Ads advertising (before Google AdWords). The SEMRush tool is the most useful here. Here you can directly see how much your main competitors are spending on digital marketing, and you can assess how your own marketing budget compares to your competitors’.

Keyword research also requires, of course, the most important one - research on all the keywords related to your industry that your most potential customers are using right now when searching for your services on Google. For this, you need tools like Keyword Tool.

Using the above tools and the skills of an experienced marketing professional, you can conduct comprehensive keyword research to ensure that your company gets the full benefit of the digital marketing campaign and the essential information to improve your marketing.


The Keyword Tool is an excellent tool for keyword research

How much does keyword research cost?

Extensive keyword research by an experienced expert takes 2-4 working days or 16-32 working hours. Most digital marketing agencies have a price range of between $1,600 and $3,200. 

However, the final price is determined on a project-by-project basis, so feel free to contact us so that we can give you a quote for your business!

It pays to do your keyword research carefully, as this research will be used to determine your company’s digital marketing efforts. Well-done keyword research will serve your business for a long time and provide valuable market intelligence. 

Compared to extensive market research, keyword research is a cost-effective approach that will also ensure that your SEM campaign or SEO efforts are paying off. 

Too limited keyword research will lead to wrong decisions on digital marketing investments. Therefore, we recommend that you conduct thorough keyword research that also considers your competitors, their Google rankings, and their digital marketing efforts.

What kind of keyword research should you get?

Keyword research should take into account:

  1. Keywords related to your industry
  2. Your competitors’ Google rankings for those keywords
  3. The position of your business on Google with those keywords
  4. Your competitors’ investments in digital marketing

By taking these into account and carefully documenting them, your company will have the best possible picture of Google searches related to your industry, as well as your competitors’ Google positions and their digital marketing efforts.

How can I get keyword research now?

Call Kubla or send us a message! We’ll be happy to map out your situation and provide you with a quote. As a small and agile digital marketing agency, we can deliver keyword research reports for you very quickly!

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Keyword research
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