Marketing Tracking: Why You Should Track Your Marketing Campaign Performance? 

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Monitoring marketing in traditional channels such as print advertising is much more complicated than in modern digital marketing. The benefits of using different channels are not equal, but companies need to experiment with different channels if they know how to measure them. 

When it comes to measurability, digital marketing is the most commonly used because every person who sees an ad can be measured. Customers who visit your website can also be tracked. 

On top of all this, you can also get data on contact by channel, so you know whether your business is getting connections from Google, social, email marketing, or some other source.

Why is Marketing Tracking Important?

Marketing tracking is essential because you want to know which channel is performing best. If you don’t track each channel’s contacts accurately, you won’t know if your marketing is paying off. 

You often hear people say, “Well, I guess it worked and I saw a few ads online myself.” But it’s important to measure the real benefit that digital marketing is bringing to your business. Therefore, you can allocate your marketing dollars to the most productive and efficient channels.

Marketing should be a source of sales, not an expense that disappears forever. Tracking can be done directly using an analytics tool such as Google Analytics, which is completely free for businesses.

Marketing Monitoring and Goals Create the Foundation for Success

Setting goals in marketing is crucial, especially in digital marketing channels. Consider whether you want to increase brand awareness, direct visitors to your website, or perhaps establish direct contact with potential customers. These objectives will eventually lead to contacts, but not all digital marketing channels will generate direct contacts in the first few weeks or even months. 

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Increasing Brand Awareness

To increase awareness, social media advertising and banner advertisements may be a good option. This way, your potential customers will get to know your business. When the time is right, they will also be able to contact your company as you have reached out to them several times before making a purchase decision. 

By doing this, you ensure that they can find your business on Google. Tracking marketing efforts is critical when using social media since this is how you will see steady traffic increase to your business’s website.

Direct Contacts

However, you’ll need a larger marketing budget for immediate contact, and you can also use Google Adwords keywords to drive traffic. 

Most of the customers you are trying to reach are probably not yet familiar with your business and may not contact you in the first few weeks. Customers generally need to get to know your company before they make a purchase decision. 

It’s often a good idea to reach out to customers via social media, for example, at the same time as you’re running Google Ads.

Marketing tracking is also essential when doing keyword advertising, as it allows you to allocate the proper budget to the most critical keywords daily.

Awareness is the key to Direct Contact.

Consider the big picture right from the start, if your marketing budget allows. This means building brand awareness and using awareness to drive traffic to your business website to contact you.

You can quickly increase your company’s brand awareness through paid advertising using social media. This allows you to actively reach your customers and promote your brand to the right target groups. 

As your brand awareness grows, your business will also be searched more frequently on Google directly under your business name. You will get more leads from Google advertising if you have first “warmed up” your customers on social media channels.

You’re more likely to get contact from customers who have noticed your ad several times before making a purchase decision. Marketing tracking helps you see the results of your marketing efforts quickly, giving you the confidence to continue. 

Then, if no results from your marketing campaign are being reflected in your reports, you should reconsider whether redirecting your budget to another channel that looks promising.

Marketing Monitoring and Indicators

Marketing monitoring is possible in digital marketing through several different metrics. Below are examples of the most critical metrics for your marketing productivity.

  • Number of visitors to your website
    • What channel have visitors come from?
    • Number of people who have come from social media
    • Number of people who came from Google
  • Blog readers
  • Contact views
  • Number of leads and transactions
  • Return on investment (ROI)

How to Start Tracking Your Marketing

To start tracking your marketing, you should familiarise yourself with Google Analytics, a completely free tool for businesses. This way, you can see where your customers are at the moment and where they are coming from on your company’s website. 

You can also find out all the most profitable marketing channels, such as the number of customers coming from Google and the number of customers coming from social media. 

If you need help tracking marketing, then feel free to ask Kublan experts for tips. We will be happy to help!

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