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You’ve probably opened a web page where half of the screen on your phone cuts off. The titles jump here and there, you can’t see the text and you can’t see the pictures at all. When the website is not responsive, the view is exactly like this. A responsive website adapts to the device being used. The page looks good whether it’s a small screen on a phone or a giant screen on a flat-screen TV.

A responsive website guarantees ease of use, facilitates search engine optimization and reduces the workload associated with updating pages. Responsiveness is here to stay. Don’t get stuck in the old era of separate desktop and mobile versions! On our way to success, Kubla has built several responsive websites and noticed that not all the benefits of responsiveness are fully known yet.

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Four reasons why a responsive website is a must:

1. It works both on iPhone and smart TV screen

If the potential customer uses an iPhone, the responsive website will adapt to the screen size. When a visitor browses your website from a tablet, the view is also clear. The third may be adventuring in the corners of the internet on a smart television, whose large screen will fit a responsive website just as well. When a new device hits the market, a responsive website automatically works on it too. It guarantees the best user experience on all devices.

If the website is not responsive, it will drive at least half of the potential customers to other websites, where the view scales sensibly. The reason is simply that a poorly functioning page is not comfortable to use. When your competitor has a responsive website, your customers will go there too. Test your own page using Google’s mobile-friendliness test.

2. A responsive website makes updating pages easier

Updating a website can easily take several hours - when it comes to two separate websites, the time spent on updating doubles. If you have separate desktop and mobile versions, you have to keep two sites up to date instead of just updating one responsive website.

When people set out to build two sites, they often start with the desktop version, which they make really great. When hours have been wasted on the desktop version, the Mobile version of the website is easily poorer. The differences between the two versions will frustrate users who expect to access the same features regardless of device. A responsive website better meets user expectations.

3. A mobile-friendly website increases the ranking in Google search results

The more traffic you get to your website, the more Google shows its love for you. Google emphasizes responsive web pages in mobile searches, which means that a responsive web page will rank better in the search results than a page that doesn’t scale right to the mobile device.

If the visitor is unable to navigate your website smoothly, he will go straight to another place. People are impatient and busy, so the decision to stay or leave is made in seconds. And when there is a lot of supply, there is no need to wonder about poorly functioning websites, but of course the decision to leave is made immediately and they move on to the next service provider’s website. You can monitor the situation using Google’s Search Console and Google Analytics.

When Google notices that your pages are not being enjoyed, Google lowers your ranking in the search results. If this happens, the solution to the problem is a responsive website and search engine optimization. Are you running out of time or know-how? Kubla helps your company achieve a competitive advantage - a responsive, trendy website and properly done Search Engine Optimization are competitive advantages to be taken seriously.

4. A well-functioning website gets praise from customers

If your website is functional and easy to use, potential customers will visit it more often. A website that doesn’t scale well is the most effective deterrent for customers -- when visitors expect to find the information they’re looking for with a few clicks, which a professionally designed responsive website guarantees.

Customers are online and make their purchases mostly on mobile devices. Responsive web design helps to reach a wider target audience, and on the other hand, a website that scales poorly will take half of your customers elsewhere. You need to make online purchases as easy and smooth as possible for the customer, so that the purchase is not left unfinished. Scaling problems do not make shopping uncomplicated, on the contrary!

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A poorly scalable page is a downright shock for the user - responsiveness is today, and there is no going back to two separate website versions. Good thing, because a responsive website is better than a non-adaptive website in every way! Want to add traffic to your site? Kubla helps build and update your company’s website! Please contact us as soon as possible, because every day without responsive websites is a day at half-power!

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