Aggressive marketing is not worth it - what does it mean in practice? 

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You should keep good practices in mind when marketing. Aggressive marketing is not worth it - nor is inappropriate or unhealthy marketing. These three mean different things in practice, although to the ear they sound the same. While following good manners may seem obvious to you, it is not for everyone. Some marketing actions may move in the so-called gray area without making a bigger fuss, but with today’s consumers more aware of their own rights, you should be especially careful. You definitely don’t want to get caught up in the media after you’ve made a mistake, do you?

You may think that this does not apply to me - I do distinguish between right and wrong. So do those who get into the teeth of the media. Marketing needs to take into account people from every ethnic background, religion and gender, which is not an easy task. You shouldn’t offend anyone.

Marketing a company sometimes requires promotions to stay competitive in a gigantic competitive field. Depending on the size of the company, it may not be possible to connect faces with marketing. This makes it easy to hide behind the promotion. Even if a hiding place is found, you shouldn’t tarnish the reputation of your company because you are not aware of good marketing practices. Kubla marketing is now explaining to every marketer what aggressive marketing is so that no one has to fall to it anymore.

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What is aggressive marketing?

A few years ago, there came news about the installation of Microsoft’s Windows 10 Acquisition Application (GWX): Microsoft installed the GWX application on consumer computers without their consent. GWX was a direct marketing tool through which Microsoft used to target oppressive and disruptive marketing to its users.

  • Aggressive marketing is disruptive or oppressive marketing that can get a customer to buy a product or service that he or she would not have purchased without oppressive marketing.
  • In practice, aggressive marketing can also be derogatory or offensive language, such as that used in a Facebook ad.

Of course, Microsoft isn’t the only one that has fallen to aggressive marketing. Marketing in today’s world is not easy. This is why it may be worthwhile to leave it in the hands of a professional. It is paramount to highlight values ​​in a company’s communication. Consumers want to know what kind of company they are dealing with. Marketing must not offend against human dignity, religious or political beliefs or discriminate against anyone on the grounds of, for example, gender, ethnic origin or age.

The road to restoring your reputation is rocky

You can tarnish your reputation with a single marketing effort. You would then need to take several steps restore it. The worst thing a company can do after making a mistake is not to admit the mistake, but to happily step forward or roll the responsibility on the shoulders of others. This makes the restoration of reputation extremely difficult.

Reputation is valuable asset, the loss of which can be a big dent on your business. It is tricky to manage your reputation even without a crisis, and you will find it even more complicated when a mistake is made. And there’s nothing in it, everyone makes mistakes - but aggressive marketing shouldn’t be one of them. At least not after reading this post.

Microsoft didn’t go bankrupt for its marketing stunt, but a smaller company that doesn’t yet have a similar established customer base and fans will suffer even the slightest mistake. Of course, in the case of Microsoft, even a small loss of customers is reflected in a large gap in profits, but the situation can still be remedied with relatively low effort.

Kubla marketing recognizes good marketing habits

You can find all sorts of marketing tips on the internet. Some are very good and some worse. Sometimes it’s hard to identify good marketing gimmicks from bad ones. In addition to good practices working well among your target audience, they follow good manners. You can’t rely on aggressive marketing as a viable option in the long run, even if it would generate reactions and visibility in the short run. Aggressive marketing is also not a cost-effective way to do marketing, as tarnishing a company’s reputation becomes costly.

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