Instagram Account for Business - 5 Reasons you should set one up today! 

Instagram is one of the most widely loved apps across the globe! The whole world is a fan of Instagram because of the ease of use and quite honestly, just how fun it is. Almost everyone has a camera on their phone that takes excellent pictures and videos of extremely high quality that we just can’t wait to share. Of course, today, Instagram is also an integral part of business life as well.  Both content producers and companies have led to professional content taking over the news stream. In order for your Instagram account for business to get in front of Instagram’s tens of millions of business accounts, you need to stand out from the crowd, so there’s no time to delay, get your Instagram business account up and running right away!

Kubla knows Instagram like a best friend

Kubla knows Instagram as intimately as a best friend: all its secrets and the best tricks! Nearly every business has an Instagram account for business now including hairdressers, retailers, real estate agents and more.   All of these companies are moving to where the consumers are and the consumers spend their days with their eyes glued to their IG accounts.  Instagram is different from other channels though and the focus is on fun.  Have fun on Instagram! Instagram is a youthful app full of fun features that clever entrepreneurs can do a lot with on their Instagram account for business.  Here are few helpful statistics about an Instagram Account for business:

  • According to an Instagram user survey, 60% of people say they will find new products on Instagram. Instagram today is an app that is also used for online shopping!
  • According to Instagram’s internal data, more than 200 million users visit at least one company profile every day, so an Instagram business account is a must have.
  • According to Instagram’s internal data, one third of the most watched stories come from companies, so don’t forget to take advantage of the Stories feature.

An Instagram account business brings plenty of perks!

There are two ways to create a Company account: you can create a new Company account directly, or switch a regular personal account to a Company account. Tens of millions of active corporate accounts have enjoyed the benefits that an Instagram corporate account brings and I’m sure you want to join this success club but if you still aren’t convinced, your mind is guaranteed to change as you read this list of benefits!

  • Get real-time information on how your publications and stories work for your target audience.
  • You get valuable information about your followers and what kind of publications they like.
  • Potential customers can easily find the company’s opening hours, location and phone number on the profile.
  • If you already have a personal Instagram account, it can be easily converted to a corporate account in the app settings. Anyone can do this!

Set up an Instagram business account - 5 reasons why you should do it now!

An Instagram business account transforms from a personal account in an instant, and it’s not hard to create an entirely new account. Read 5 reasons why you should set up an Instagram account for business today! If you need help, Kubla help is readily available.  We don’t believe there are stupid questions, so please feel comfortable to ask us anything!

1. An Instagram business account is needed to succeed in advertising

When an ad is successful, you want to know about it and continue to succeed. An Instagram business account allows you to advertise and evaluate the effectiveness of your ads. Properly done Instagram advertising is so effective that it is being promoted on all fronts. The ads easily reach potential customers and they generate a turnover of several billion dollars worldwide. An Instagram account for business makes advertising and its analysis much easier.

Users engage significantly better on Instagram than they do on Facebook . User engagement includes liking, sharing, or commenting on a post. The more engaged the users are, the more effective you ads will be and Instagram does this in a unique way from Facebook.

2. An Instagram business account allows for easy access to contact information

No busy consumer has time to search for all the information they need - on which street is that small boutique, or where to find an up-to-date phone number to ask about opening hours. Your information must be available in the blink of an eye or your consumer will go elsewhere.  With an Instagram business account, it’s easy to get all your information in front of the consumer exactly when they need it.  You can place your business phone number, email address, and directions directly into your consumers hands exactly when they need it.  This is definitely something consumers appreciate!

If you make it ridiculously easy to find your business, the customers are bound to come, but an interested customer may never find you if you’re 10 clicks away. It is especially important to be found because when a potential customer approaches you first, they are often genuinely interested. 

3. Publishing content on an Instagram business account is easy!

You don’t have to work 24/7 even if the most relevant release time for your audience is after work hours.  You don’t have to go back to work in the evening because thanks to Creator Studio, Buffer, Hootsuite, and other scheduling tools, you can post any time you want.  These apps allow you to schedule publications even far into the next month, and you never have to be present at the time of publication. Unfortunately, Instagram itself does not yet include a timing feature, but I hope it will be available in the future. Until then, timing is easily handled by other applications.

4. An Instagram business account can direct you to shopping

Swipe up! When you get more than 10,000 followers, you can enjoy  a shopping feature, where it’s possible to attach links to stories, by swiping upwards.  The user can go directly to an online store or even a specific product page. It is not yet possible to include links out of the application to Instagram image or video publications (or any other links), which is why this feature is especially useful. Be sure to use Instagram Stories as much as possible because users love those!

5. An Instagram account tells you everything about your visitors

The most valuable thing for a company is information about the target group: what country and city the target group is in, gender, age and interests.  With an Instagram account for business, you will also learn the behavior of your followers, i.e. which days are the busiest among them and what time of day is the busiest. Knowledge of behavior greatly enhances the effectiveness of posts by scheduling publications at the best times for your followers.  No one reads posts when they’re asleep!

An Instagram business account provides you with critical information about who is watching your content and what they are doing and when they are doing it. You will also be able to follow the development of the growth of your followers and find out the publications that have most likely taken your followers away from you.

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