Benefits of a digital marketing report 

What do you get from monthly digital marketing reports?

During the cooperation with Kubla, we’ll provide you with a monthly digital marketing report, in which we review your results. We make a big effort in monitoring marketing and analyzing results. This way we can estimate the effectiveness of advertising much better.

We go through the reports every month, and this way bring value to your customer experience to ensure you get the most out of our services.

We aim to make our reporting transparent, open and informative. In the monthly reports, we make sure you are aware of what we do, and the results of what we have done. Sometimes when reading the report by yourself, too much time is spent focusing on irrelevant information that can be difficult to interpret. This is why we hold monthly meetings, to make sure nothing is left unclear. Our purpose is to maintain continuous improvement. Kubla is always looking for new solutions that we can implement in digital marketing.

Reports give a lot of data to your company

We collect a lot of data in the report that you can use to develop your digital marketing. Your company will get information about things such as:

  • What actions have been take in the last month
  • Effect on advertising, sales, etc.
  • Amount of the media budget has been used?
  • How many unique / different users have been reached?
  • How much traffic has advertising brought to your website?
  • What kind of conversions have been made?
  • How has advertising worked on a campaign-by-campaign basis?
  • How does advertising work on an ad group-by-ad group basis?
  • In which target groups does advertising work

For more information on the data side of the report, read our blog Google Ads Reporting: A Comprehensive Overview

The customer benefits a lot from the reporting and gets a lot of added value from meetings with us.

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What added value do we bring to reporting?

Our customers at Kubla generally feel that going through the report together is very helpful, as it is often the only time of the month when customers have time to determine the effectiveness of their advertising. Meetings increase their understanding of what should be done in advertising. This often leads to new ideas on how to develop advertising.

Regular review of reports increases customer understanding overall. The meetings range from half an hour to 90 minutes. During these meetings we go through things that have happened during the month. Customers learn more about the digital world, get ideas and tips on how to develop their own actions in the digital environment.

Questions go a long way

When coming to a meeting, it’s good to have read the report at least once if you have time for it. This way, you already have some knowledge about what the report consists of and can think of questions you want to ask us. All the important information will be reviewed even if you haven’t had time to take notes or think of questions. There is no need to stress about coming to these meetings. During the meeting, you can take notes and gather information you feel is important. Whilst going through the report, new ideas may emerge, we can then go through them and start planning new advertising for your company. We are more than happy to answer your questions, so we hope we get a lot of them!

Always strive for the finest understanding of digital marketing 

We customize our reports based on customer-specific needs. If there are any specific things you want us to find out, we will focus on them primarily. We want our customers to get a lot out of our meetings and that they are happy to come to them. Our goal is always to make customers understand more about the report each time we meet. Customers can then better decisions to promote their business. We are always happy to answer questions and if we don’t know the answer to a question, it will be researched before next time - Nothing is ever left hanging!

We are constantly developing advertising for you!

Digital marketing reports and analysis of results is a great solution to grow your business and reach a wider audience. That’s why we at Kubla want to ensure you do your advertising the right way and get the best possible results from your digital marketing. 

At the end of reporting, it is always important to know what was learned this time, and what should be done next. By creating a routine about reporting, going through them and always determining a follow-up action after each conclusion, it’s possible to develop advertising all the time. Digital marketing does not have to be difficult to approach. We strive to make digital marketing analysis easy and in a way that truly helps our clients reach their goals. If you want to improve your digital marketing planning, implementation, measuring and analysis, get in touch with us!

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Benefits of a digital marketing report
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