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Social media for business can be done on several different platforms or social media channels, which can be confusing for most customers since they want their business found on Google and other channels.  One is not necessarily exclusive from the other though.  Using other channels can even enhance your visibility on Google because Google’s own algorithms value broad visibility in addition to their own search engine.   The answer is simple, keep your social media for business on all current channels but remember that without paid advertising, your business will not be featured among the best customer base.

Is advertising on social media for business worth it?

Social media channels used to be completely free, i.e. organic. So in theory, in previous years, companies could create posts on social media for business at no cost.  These “postings,” or publications, were able reach your best audience for free.  In 2016, this changed when most of the social media channels reduced radically the organic visibility of businesses. This changed social media for business completely and drove the need for companies to start paid advertising by limiting the free reach.  Now, it is important to take social media channels into account in paid advertising in digital marketing as well.

Which Channels Should I Choose?

In order to choose the best channel, it is important to choose your target market for social media for business carefully.  Different social media channels cater to different audiences and different interests.  Some examples are:

  • Facebook is the world’s largest channel and in 2020 there were over 220 million Facebook users in the USA
  • LinkedIn is the world’s largest B2B channel, so you can reach business decision-makers from this channel very effectively
  • Instagram is a particularly important channel to reach the desired target group in pictorial advertising, ie if you want to communicate visually through pictures, then Instagram is the place to be!

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What is the cost of advertising on social media for business?

Social media for business offers a wide range of options for advertising and the price of advertising is determined by the advertising objectives in each of these channels. However, social media channels offer a wide range of opportunities based on your advertising goals, and pricing is determined according to these goals. However, a general rule of thumb for a few social media for business outlets is:

  • Facebook - $ 100 reaches 10,000 people
  • LinkedIn - $ 100 reaches 3,000 people
  • Instagram - $ 100 reaches 15,000 people

The most important thing to remember is to choose social media for business based on your company’s target audience. Don’t choose Instagram advertising because of the price, but think about exactly in which channel your company’s target group can be found. You can easily search for your company’s target audience from each channel. For example, by logging in to Facebook, you can directly search for your TOP-100 customers directly by first name and last name. This is how you will get information about how many of your customers can be found today on Facebook or any other channel. 

Most companies are constantly wondering what is the best social media for business because the truly don’t know on which channel their customers can be found.  The truth is that you can find this in about an hour and half simply by searching for your current customers on each platform.  You will find that almost all of your customers are on Facebook, 40% on LinkedIn and 60% on Instagram. This is the average based on research conducted by the Kubla team of experts concerning social media for a business.  It is noteworthy that about 40% of our customers are companies that make B2B sales. Find out where your customers are and choose your social media for  business strategy based on that research. 

If you aren’t confident doing the research on social media for a business, you can always choose a partner to find out your customers.  After this research, you can confidently put your company’s investment in the right channel. With so much on the line, we suggest you trust an experienced partner to find the right channel and help you get results with social media for business!

More information, especially Facebook’s advertising pricing, can be found here: The price of Facebook ads

Does it make sense to maintain social media channels yourself?

Social media channels should be maintained with the help of the company’s own staff. This most commonly means making “posts,” but we highly recommend you have a professional partner to ensure that these social media for business posts stay in line with your strategy and find the right audience. 

Making posts doesn’t mean that even your current customers will ever see your company’s posts. About 4% of your business customers will see your message with the free or organic option. What makes sense is to carefully consider whether it is worthwhile to spend time and money to maintain social media for a business that will only reach 45.  If you don’t employ paid advertising, your ideal target market may not be in that 4% and may never see your posts..

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