Setting up a Facebook Business Account - here’s how! 

A Facebook page is like your company’s business card on Facebook - it represents you and your brand every day.  According to Facebook, ⅔ of users in all countries surveyed say they visit local company’s Facebook pages at least once a week. Facebook marketing is a digital marketing staple with which most companies are already familiar, so there is stiff competition for visibility in the app.  In order to enjoy visibility on Facebook, you need to invest in organic activity as well as paid marketing.  It’s not as simple as it sounds, so it’s a good idea to open a Facebook business account right away.  This will help you organize all the activities in one place.  So how do I open a Facebook business account and what are the actual benefits?

A Facebook business account streamlines marketing to make it easier to manage.

With a personal Facebook account you comment on a post as yourself.  With a Facebook corporate account, you can interact with the name of a company, which is an easy way for the company to get visibility! When you comment on a beautiful landscape in the name of your business account, or share a tip related to your own product or service in the comment field of a large group publication, a potential customer is guaranteed to comment on your interest, click and explore your business page.

A Facebook business account also makes managing a business page easier because it’s not personal and therefore a business page can be maintained by multiple people.  Sharing the workload of your Facebook business page can save significant time.  Unlike a personal account though, note that a business page can’t have friends.  You will only get followers and likes. 

A Facebook business account offers the company marketing tools that are not available from a personal account too. If you plan to market your business page successfully, you should definitely set up a Facebook business account to take advantage of these tools.

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First Create a Facebook business account, then Share the Content

To make your first post on a business page, you need to open a Facebook business account. There’s no need to worry though because creating a Facebook business account is actually quite simple.  Once the Facebook business account has started and the business page has been populated with the necessary information, you will be able to add content. Here’s how to get started:

1. Create a business page with a personal account

Although it seems counterintuitive, a Facebook business account starts with a personal page.  If you don’t have one, you should really create one so that you can be the administrator of your account.  When you create a business page through a personal account, you automatically become the administrator of the page but you can add other managers as administrators or editors.  As an administrator, you have all the necessary permissions to manage your business page: you can add or remove other users, create updates, and view visitor data and statistics.

2. Set the appropriate category for your business page

There are only two categories: a company or brand and a community or public figure.

If your business page represents a company or brand, the first category is appropriate. Whether it’s a tiny or large large company, a bakery shop or an online store, choose this.

In the case of an association, however, select the latter as the category. Public figures from musicians to athletes also fall into the same category.

3. Name, select a category, and complete the information

Continue building your business page.   Choose a name and select the category of the page to narrow down the topic of the page. The category should be as precisely focused as possible because Facebook offers different functions for a business page depending on how the topic of the page is listed.

Complete the rest of the information, such as your username, address, phone number, hours of operation, cover photo, and profile photo. The company logo is perfect as a profile picture. Verify that the logo fits within the recommended frames of the profile image: 170 pixels x 170 pixels.

The easier it is to find the necessary information on the company page, the easier it will be to get customers through it. Whatever channel you use, don’t leave out any important information.

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Facebook Business Account - CHECK!  Now for the content!

Here are three tips for the content of an interesting Facebook business page.  Marketing content should always be prepared in line with a strategy that considers important dates and information relevant to the target group.

1. View events behind the scenes

Instead of a polished public image, customers want to see a genuine, identifiable and relaxed image of the company. No one likes communication that is too tight! In addition to polished publications, let viewers peek behind the scenes where they don’t usually get to. For example, you can show them the events of the fair day, explain product descriptions or even show them the mood of the team.  Be relevant and real.

2. Tell us what kind of people work in the company

Tell me and better yet, show me. Viewers want to see what kind of people they are dealing with. Introduce yourself and your potential colleague.  Don’t be afraid to be fun content either.  For example, what are some of the team’s favorite lunches?  Or what are some of your team’s favorite products and services from the company.

3. Show that viewers opinion matters

People want to make an impact. Ask them to get involved and interact. If you are launching a new product without a name, throw it out to your customers.  Let viewers suggest a new product name in the comment field of the post.  You can even offer to enter them into a raffle for participation.  Have fun with this, I guarantee your customers want to!

Keep in mind, however, that not all of your Facebook business page posts appear to all your followers.  To make this happen, you really need an expert in Facebook marketing

What does it cost?

Kubla knows Facebook like the back of their hand.  Do you want your Facebook business account and business page to exude professional content?   If everything is set up right from the start, you can fast track your way to the important things like sharing your company’s story with text, images, and videos.

Kubla knows Facebook like inside and out, so don’t hesitate to ask for help from the professionals!

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Facebook business account - how to create it?
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