Five Facebook Ad Targeting Methods you’ve never heard before! 

We did a series of five articles related to Facebook advertising, specifically Facebook ad targeting. Hopefully, these will help you with marketing your business:

  1. Facebook marketing:  Digital marketing terms to understand
  2. Are Facebook’s golden times over?
  3. You didn’t know about these five Facebook targeting methods!
  4. Add artificial intelligence to your website: Facebook Messenger
  5. How a digital marketing agency does Facebook advertising for itself

If you want the best results from Facebook advertising, Facebook ad targeting is one of the most important concepts for you to understand.  Careful Facebook ad targeting, combined with diligent A / B testing, can increase your results exponentially over poorly targeted advertising. Here are 5 effective ways to target your Facebook advertising. We hope you find new ideas for your advertising!

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Facebook ad targeting tip 1: Make better use of your customer registry

Somewhat surprisingly, most of our new customers didn’t know that Facebook offers the ability to upload a customer registry for marketing use in Facebook ad targeting.  You can upload the phone numbers or email addresses of your existing customers to Facebook Business Manager, which will then take about half an hour to compile all your customers into one audience. Your customers won’t know they have been added as part of a targeted audience but they will see ads relevant to their needs and your product or service solutions.

Marketing to your existing customers or prospects is one of the most effective ways to make additional sales for your business. Facebook ad targeting makes this easy to do, but alternatively, you can also exclude people from the customer register if you only want to reach new customers.

Facebook targeting tactics

Facebook ad targeting tip 2: How to Reach people who have visited your website on Facebook

Facebook Pixel is one of the most handy tools for a Facebook advertiser. With Pixel, you not only track traffic to your site, but also remarket to people who have visited your site. For example, you can accurately remarket only to people who have visited certain service or product pages, or more broadly to visitors to your entire page. There are actually so many potential conditions in which remarketing can be done that we would run out of room on our site if we listed them all. 

Facebook Pixel is actually a small snippet of code to be installed on your site that tracks the actions of your website visitors on your pages. After installing Facebook Pixel, you can also create target groups based on the various “actions” of your website visitors. With Facebook Pixel, you can measure how many people have come from Facebook advertising  to your website, how many added products to a shopping cart, left their contact information, and even how many have bought a product after seeing a Facebook ad. With Facebook Pixel, you also measure conversions if your goal is to leave contact information on a form or online sales.

Facebook ad targeting tip 3: Target Locally with Facebook’s new tool - Super Local

Sometimes, businesses want their Facebook ad targeting to stay local due to the nature of their services.  Fortunately for this purpose, Facebook collects data about its visitors in a number of ways and one of them is the collection of spatial data. Location information is collected, for example, by geotags found in images, which are automatically included in the captured image on most mobile phones. Another way Facebook collects location data is the location found in Messenger.  If your phone has GPS constantly on, messaging in Messenger will reveal your location without having to turn off location separately. The third way, of course, is to locate your location based on the IP addresses you use.

Marketers can utilize location data collected by Facebook for something called superlocal targeting. With superlocal Facebook ad targeting, you can, for example, reach people who are in the location you are currently targeting. For a small local restaurant or gym, this could be a great way to reach out to nearby people or residents.

Target locally with Facebook's new tool Super Local

Facebook ad targeting tip 4: Reach out to those who have already interacted with your brand again

Perhaps surprisingly, one of the best-performing target groups among our customers is users who have already interacted with your business on Facebook. For example, users who interacted, have liked, responded, clicked, commented on, or shared a post on the site. In addition, watching a video or popping up on a Facebook page is counted as an interaction. We can also use this information for Facebook ad targeting.  As an advertiser, we can choose from 1 to 365 days for how long we want to target these interacting individuals. The closer the Facebook ad targeting is, the more relevant we are to the customer. The longer we target, the larger the target audience to which we can advertise will become.

This form of Facebook ad targeting is relatively new and you may not have heard of it before. However, we encourage you to try advertising with this audience - you may be surprised by the results.

Facebook ad targeting tip 5: Create look-a-like target groups

The look-a-like target group is, in all its simplicity, another group of potential customers that look like your current fans, which is a great way to use Facebook ad targeting.    Customers that share interests and behaviors with your current customer database.  The power of the look-a-like target group comes from Facebook’s ability to analyze people’s actions and interests in its service and create the aforementioned viewership groups based on their comprehensive data collection.

Lookalike audiences are an effective way to reach people like the people on your Facebook page, for example. With this targeting method, you can reach completely new customers who have not yet been in contact with your company, but based on their behavior, they could like your products / services.

Each brand is unique.  We are often asked what is the best Facebook ad targeting method and the answer is that there isn’t just one answer.  We may have good intuition, but factual information for your brand can only be obtained through thorough testing. In addition to Facebook ad targeting expertise, successes on Facebook are distinguished by the fact that successful advertisers diligently test the numerous different possibilities of Facebook advertising.  This is how the best Facebook ad targeting strategies can be assured. 

If you don’t know which targeting options to start with, we hope that these five great options will help you.

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