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Google Ads for nonprofits

Google Ads for nonprofits

Did you ever think of using Google Ads for nonprofits? Well, it can bring your organization a surprising opportunity to let the world see the impo…
Is Google Ads worth it?

Is Google Ads worth it?

If you have a website, digital marketing is an unavoidable solution for the promotion regardless your business is 100% on the internet or also run…
Google Ad Grants - free advertising for non-profits

Google Ad Grants - free advertising for nonprofits

In this digital marketing era, PPC or pay-per-click ad campaigns are quite popular among most commercial companies for promoting their products an…
Google Shopping Ads Campaigns

Google Shopping Ads Campaigns

Google ads campaign is a digital marketing process that allows sellers to promote their products through Google search results among the buyers ba…
Succeeding on Google Display Marketing

Succeeding on Google Display Marketing

People won’t seek you on Google unless people know you are there for them, and you know that, right? That’s where Google Ads step in to help you i…
Google Shopping

What is Google Shopping

Although Google is one of the most famous words worldwide, Google Shopping is still not so famous. Especially for trust issues, people take time t…

Have you heard of Google Ad Grants?

Google keyword advertising is paid visibility in the Google search engine. It works wonders but it can be expensive. However, if you’re a non-prof…
Youtube advertising

YouTube advertising

YouTube is the world’s largest streaming video service and I’m sure all of us have watched videos on YouTube at one time or another but did you kn…

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