Lead Generation: A Beginner’s guide to generating business leads online 

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Let’s talk about lead generation! Leads are individuals who express an interest in your business’ product or service and provide their contact information. The more leads you receive for your business, the more sales and growth for your business your salesperson can generate. 

For example, a lead could be a completed contact form from your website, where a potential customer expresses their needs and asks your business to get in touch.

What makes a good lead for your business?

It’s important to think about what would be a good lead for your business. It’s not worth spending a salesperson’s time on someone who ultimately has no chance of buying your service.

Let’s take the simple example of residential property investment. If you sell investment properties and the average price of the property is $200,000, then it is probably not worth your business acquiring leads from students. A student can hardly afford to buy a valuable investment property. 

Thus, in this simplified example, a good lead could be defined as a working person. In addition, the age can be defined as 25-60 years, and the person is interested in housing investment.

Furthermore, one can also define higher-paid roles in the lead generation process, as well as include the job title. This allows validating how valuable the lead is and distribute the leads among sellers, for example, according to the sellers’ areas of expertise.

How to acquire a quality lead?

To generate a lead, you must target the right audience with sufficient volume. When they see your ad, some of your potential customers will be interested in the additional benefits you offer or the services your company provides. From these, you will eventually get leads for your business.

It is important to find out what is the most effective channel for your business to generate leads.


Google is the best way to reach your potential buyers.


In addition to Google advertising, you should also advertise on social media. This way, you will reach your entire target audience every month and get more leads.

The ads will direct customers to your company’s website to learn more about your services, and eventually, some customers will contact you from your website, and leads will start coming in. 

It is vital to track each lead with analytics and check through which channel the lead came from. You can then invest in the best platforms for your marketing budget.

There are different ways to generate leads on your website, and it is important to remember that traffic alone does not generate leads. If you want your website visitors to convert into leads, you should make it as easy as possible for them to contact your business.

You will generate more leads if you offer options like these to get in touch with them:

  • Chat (a human being answering questions)
  • Automated chat (chat built with automation)
  • A contact form, always at the bottom of the site.
  • Pop-up if a visitor is about to leave your site
  • Newsletter subscription option

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Lead generation and subsequent sales steps

The lead itself does not yet constitute a sale, but you can eventually use the contact information from the lead to make a sale. You can, for instance, break down the sales stages as follows:

  1. A lead (person or company that has expressed interest)
  2. Sales opportunity (a brief discussion with the customer and an offer is made)
  3. Transaction (the customer has accepted the offer made by your salesperson)

How can I promote lead acquisition?

I recommend you first check your analytics to see how many leads you are getting each month per channel. You can see directly in Google Analytics which channels generate leads for your business. This way, you can invest in the most valuable channels on an ongoing basis.

Here are some examples of the prices and ideal uses of different channels. 


  • The world’s largest social media, great for lead generation
  • Reaches more than 80% of all adult decision-makers in the USA
  • The best channel to increase your company’s brand awareness
  • You can reach about 10-20,000 customers for $100


  • The world’s largest photo and video sharing social media.
  • This channel will be great if your service is particularly visual.
  • Advertising is done through Facebook’s Ads manager
  • For 100 dollars you can reach around 20,000 customers


  • The world’s largest B2B social media
  • Here you can reach business managers effectively
  • For 100 dollars you can reach around 3000 - 5000 customers


  • The world’s most popular search engine, perfect for lead generation
  • Reach virtually all customers looking for information about your service
  • For 100 dollars you can get around 100 visitors to your website
  • This channel is usually limited by the low number of searches
  • If your budget allows you to invest in more than one channel, Google is an absolute choice in addition to social media

How can I get more leads?

You can get more leads by reaching out to your best target audience on a monthly basis and directing them to your website to learn more about your company’s services. In addition to the above methods, we at Kubla are also happy to assist.

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