How to choose the best social media marketing company for your small business? 

Small business marketing \ How to choose the best social media marketing company for your small business?

Social media is an ever changing and evolving landscape and successfully navigating it can be a true challenge sometimes. This might lead you to the decision to outsource your social media marketing operations. You decide to outsource your social media marketing but are left with a question. How to choose the best social media marketing company for your small business? While there is no one true answer to this question, there are some criteria that should always be met. In this blog we will be going through things that we feel are important when looking for a partner for social media marketing.

What their clients say about them

While this is quite an obvious one, it is still important to see who they have worked with, and what their clients say about them. When you’re wondering how to choose the best social media marketing company for your small business, you want to be thorough. If a company isn’t willing to post their references on their site you should be wary. This can be understandable if it is for example a startup company, but in that situation you need to be extra focused on your other criteria.

You can also use their references to assess their capabilities on marketing your product or service. For example if they have had clients that offer similar products or services as you do, they probably already have a good understanding of how to market your product to your target group. The best marketing companies are able to adapt to working in any field, there is never any harm in finding one that has already previous experience from your field.

They use the correct tools

One of the reasons why many small businesses want to outsource their social media marketing is the many tools required to succeed. You need tools to schedule your posts, manage your ads, track data etc. When trying to choose the best social media marketing company for your small business, you want someone who already uses these tools. Now you don’t have to pay for expensive tools that you first have to learn to use because your partner is bringing the tools to you and also using them at an expert level. 

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Communications and reporting

This is one of the most crucial aspects of choosing a partner to take care of your social media marketing. You won’t have any use for a partner that doesn’t keep you up to date with how the marketing operations are going. The best social media marketing companies will keep you updated with easy to read reports and will honestly show the results whether they are in line with the goals set beforehand. Communication should be fluid and the partner should be proactive with their communication and not just wait for you to reach out to them.

You should also take note on who will be your contact and who will be present in the meetings with your partner. Do you have a designated contact person or are you just talking with different experts every time? We advise you to look for a partner that will have a designated contact person for you. Not only will it make communicating with your partner more clear, it will allow the experts who take care of your social media marketing to focus on their actual job, instead of sitting in meetings giving reports. While these meetings and reports are important, they are not the main reason you are paying them for. You are paying for marketing services, so let’s let the experts focus on that.

Ready to choose yet?

We started this blog by asking how to choose the best social media marketing company for your small business. It’s a major decision that can play a major part in the growth and success of a business and we hope that making that decision will be a bit easier for you after reading this blog post. While these are just a few key criteria that you should consider, there are countless other things to consider when deciding on a partner. Ultimately it will come down to the individual needs of your business and the fit with the service provider. If you find yourself interested in how we would fit as your social media marketing partner, contact us and we will discuss how we could fit your individual needs.

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