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Social media this, social media that - that’s just the way it is, social media is an essential part of almost every company’s marketing these days. Both young and middle-aged family mothers and fathers are looking for solutions, inspiration, products and services on Some. Kubla will tell you next why your company needs to have a social media marketing plan.

Social media is flooding with content every second. Standing out from the crowd requires interesting content, personality and, pretty much always also paid advertising. In order for the budget allocated for advertising to bring the best possible result, it is worthwhile to draw up a marketing plan for social media. “Oops… the Christmas season would be the best time to advertise a wonderful body care set, but the budget seems to have already been spent” - if there is no plan, you may unknowingly spend the money on the wrong things at the wrong time. A carefully made social media marketing plan saves the entrepreneur precious time and money.

Poor quality advertising is ineffective, no matter how much you do it or in which channel. A social media marketing plan helps to make advertising more effective, better and more productive in all aspects. Who would say no to more cost-effective sales?

Why and who should make a social media marketing plan?

If you advertise on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or any other social media channel, a social media marketing plan is in order. It is therefore an important plan for almost every company, regardless of industry. A social media marketing plan is useful for a local coffee shop, a medium-sized gym chain, or a larger advertising agency. Planning is important for small and medium-sized companies whose brand is not yet as well known on the market. Larger companies benefit from a plan that keeps the brand message consistent.

A social media marketing plan is like a traffic police. While the traffic police tells you where, who and when, the marketing plan tells you which ad will be shown where, to whom and when. Of course, the plan is always a guideline that shows the direction and lives according to the situation.

You may wonder why advertising on social media does not produce results? The simplest answer can be a lack of planning, which can be seen in the quality of the content. A social media marketing plan helps to think about campaigns and content in advance so that the end result is the best possible. Plan carefully and, half your work is done already.

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Make a social media marketing plan like this

In the plan, it is important to consider the different stages of the customer’s purchase process. A functioning social media marketing plan includes at least a content phase, pre-marketing, seasonal marketing and after sales marketing. It is also useful to draw up an annual clock and define metrics. Planning is a necessary part of social media advertising if it is to be effective. Kubla will tell you the next most important steps for creating a marketing plan - take a model from them, and it will be easier to do.

1. Create an annual wheel

Marketing’s annual calendar is a plan that includes the important holidays and events of the coming calendar year, depending on which ones are relevant to the company. For example, for a dog kennel, International Animal Day can be an essential part of marketing, while for a kitchen furniture seller, it most likely is not. Start making a marketing plan by completing the annual wheel, where you plan the adventures of the coming year.

2. Define metrics

When doing advertising, it is of the utmost importance to measure and analyze the results. Define metrics that are useful for your business. The results of advertising can be analyzed and the metrics updated based on the results, after which the important measures for the future become clear. So what is the correct metric? The metric can be, for example, the CPC (Cost Per Click) of the ad. This tells about the functionality of the ad based on how many people have clicked on the ad. These clicks form the cost per click. You can use it to analyze the results.

3. Plan the content

The most important step is planning and creating the content. If content production is difficult, it is better to outsource it than not to do it at all. The most important thing is to think about who you are talking to right from the start. When you know who is most likely to buy a product or service, it is easier to prepare a striking advertising message. After that, you can think about the channels through which the potential customer can best be reached. Also consider whether you want to set as a goal, for example, the completion of a sale or, for example, leaving a call request. When the message and the channels are clear, it’s time to roll up your sleeves. Remember to think in advance about whose responsibility each task is.

4. Take care of  pre-marketing

The idea of ​​pre-marketing is to get into the thoughts of the target group even before the season. This phase therefore includes advertising, which aims to build a certain image, increase familiarity and arouse interest. Pre-marketing has an effect on the opinions of potential customers and on the click-through rates of the advertisements of the actual seasonal marketing. It is therefore an important part of a planned activity that you shouldn’t skip.

5. Invest in seasonal marketing

Seasonal marketing is the time when buyers are most active. The sloppy planning of the first phase of the plan, i.e. the content phase, backfires at this stage at the latest, as the importance of precise targeting of advertising is emphasized during seasonal marketing. If just a little bit of effort has been put into planning and creating the content, the target group is clear and thus high-quality advertisements can be targeted to the right group at the right time. Pro tip: Adjust your budget according to peak and off sales seasons. In some cases, the monthly budget can be up to ten times higher during the peak season compared to the quieter times.

6. Don’t forget the after sales marketing

Hey, don’t forget me!”, shouts the after sales marketing. Although the eyes may already be on the next season, there is a place for after sales marketing. Its task is to get customers to commit to the company. This can be, for example, to follow activities on Instagram or to subscribe to the newsletter. This is an important step because this way customers can be better kept as customers in the future as well. However, instead of a one-time purchase, you are aiming for a longer customer relationship, right? A good example of after sales marketing is a Facebook ad that asks the customer who bought the product for their opinion about the purchased product. After sales marketing can also be a discount code sent to the customer who signed up for the newsletter, which entitles them to a discount on their next purchase.

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Are you in need of some help with your social media marketing plan? Hey, we have one as well! Kubla knows how to skillfully prepare a functional social media marketing plan so that there is time for other things as well. When you know what you are doing, creating a plan is not a project that eats up all your working hours. You should create a social media marketing plan ASAP, if you haven’t already. However, we are sure that you want to take advantage of the possibilities of social media in growing your business. Take over social media with us, and learn how to do advertising that is useful!

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