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Web analytics helps you understand your customers online. What are they doing on your website and what are they not doing? Is your website performing as intended? Analytics can help you to continuously improve your online results and analyze which digital marketing channels are currently most effective for your business in attracting customers. 

However, there are many alternatives available in the market. The most commonly used tracking tool is Google Analytics. You can access tracking by installing the Google Analytics tracking code on your website.

How can web analytics help you improve your website?

The importance of analytics continues to grow today. Why? In recent years, consumers have increasingly moved to digital channels. Web analytics can help you track your customers’ activity on your company’s website. This tracking allows you to continuously improve the performance of your website, which means you will also continue to generate more and more business, thanks to a better-performing website.

Web analytics will show you the exit rate of your website

Web analytics can help you to find out, for example, the exit rate of your website. For each page on your company’s website, you can find out how quickly a customer leaves that particular page. If a customer only spends a short time on this part of your site, it is worth thinking about how you can make this part of your site more interesting for them. 

Web analytics tells you the sources of traffic

Web analytics is an important tool for monitoring your marketing. It shows you from which source your visitors are coming to your website. This allows you to invest more of your marketing budget in the most profitable channel. It’s also a good idea to analyze why this particular channel is driving most of the traffic to your website and try to get tips for other channels. So in effect, you can improve the “less effective” channels with the most effective channel, but this requires careful monitoring of analytics, and ultimately analysis of the results.

Web analytics is a tool for goal setting

Google Analytics allows you to set the most important “goals” for your business in terms of analytics. Without defined goals, it is difficult to determine the most effective digital marketing channel for your business. For example, you can set targets for contact forms sent, phone calls received, and emails sent through your website. The number of phone calls and emails received from your website is constantly increasing, mainly due to the popularity of smartphones. It is becoming easier for customers to click on the phone number or email address on your website on their mobile phone to contact your company’s contact persons.

An example of a Google Analytics view:

Google web-analytiikka

Web analytics and reporting

Accurate monitoring of results is the starting point for developing websites and online sales. This means continuous reporting and also analysis of the reports received by the company’s management team, or marketing team. The most important things to monitor in reporting are most commonly:

  • Leads generated
  • Contacts received by email
  • Phone calls (most commonly by mobile phone)
  • Contact forms submitted on your company’s website
  • Newsletter subscribers
  • Video views
  • Blogs read
  • Purchases made online
  • Traffic sources
  • Social media
  • Customers from Facebook
  • Customers from Instagram
  • Customers from LinkedIn
  • Referring traffic. For example, URL links from your business partners’ websites

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Web analytics for digital marketing

In digital marketing, accurate tracking of analytics is the starting point for effective advertising. Each channel and customer can be tracked with the accuracy of a single person reached. So no customer who has seen your ad is left out of the analytics. 

For example, in magazine advertising, it is impossible to track the number of people reached, because no one can know the number of people who have seen your company’s ad. In digital marketing, on the other hand, you can accurately track the number of customers reached and, in addition, you can track how those customers interacted with your company’s website (these objectives are discussed in more detail in the section on web analytics and reporting above).

As part of marketing analytics and tracking, attribution modeling helps to understand the customer’s purchase path and the role of different marketing channels along the way.

In digital marketing, the most common key things to track are:

  • Coverage - this refers to the number of different customers reached.
  • Number of impressions - how many times the ad has been shown to the people reached
  • Display frequency - how many times each different customer has seen your company’s ad.
  • Click-through rate - how many customers have come to your company’s website through your ad
  • Cost per Click - how much a single visitor to your website has cost your company
  • Conversion rate - how many of the customers who have seen your ad have converted into customers.
  • ROI - how much return your advertising has generated for your business in terms of sales, or contacts given a value per contact

How can web analytics be used to generate more sales for your business?

Web analytics is not visitor tracking, it’s using the data collected from visitor tracking to improve your business. So don’t just stare at the numbers, use this information to make your website an even more effective sales channel.

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Web analytics for business
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