Drip marketing, what is it? Read our six tips for success! 

Search engine marketing \ Drip marketing, what is it? Read our six tips for success!

Email marketing is still effective – when it’s done right. However, amidst tight schedules, difficult tasks and similar time-consuming work, you’re bound to run out of time eventually. When this occurs, it is time to introduce the most powerful tool in marketing automation: drip marketing. It sends routine emails, such as welcome and thank you messages, for you. This saves a lot of time, since you don’t have to individually type out every single email. How does a relaxing bath or perhaps a walk in the park sound? Drip marketing frees up a few hours in your day.

You can also do drip marketing over the phone. However, automated messages via email has proven to be more cost-effective and functional, which is why we at Kubla have focused this writing around it.

What is drip marketing?

Nowadays consumers are more specific about their purchases – They often need to be slightly persuaded to lock in their purchasing decision. The caution stems from the abundance of choice and the fact that not all companies operate honestly. 

Drip marketing guides the potential customer in the direction of the purchase decision. For example, if Sam subscribes to a newsletter, drip marketing has done its job: Sam will automatically receive a welcome message and in two days another message will introduce him to the best-selling products. When Larry types in his email and presses the “subscribe” button, you don’t have to be on the spot to notice it and immediately write an email. To conclude, drip marketing works as an automation tool that will reduce workload as well as conveying the right message to potential customers at the right time.

Drip marketing in practice – 6 tips

 Drip marketing thrives to get a potential customer to commit to a product or service. We at Kubla have put together a list of six practical tips to help you understand how drip marketing is going to turn your potential customers into paying customers.

1. Directs your leads to buy

A lead is a potential customer, who is believed to be buying a product or service in the near future. Leads need gentle guidance in the direction of the purchase decision – And that’s where drip marketing steps in. Guidance can be, for example, offering a free trial or teaching you how to use the product through a video tutorial. It’s not at all far-fetched to say that systematic guidance of a lead can get a potential customer to buy double the amount he originally intended. 

2. Tell them it’s nice to meet you

A welcome message is like a handshake – it’s a way of saying it’s nice to meet you. A well-constructed message makes a lasting impression and leaves the lead to reflect on the information the first message gave him. The welcome message can include things like a list of the most popular products or the most read blog posts. Writing and sending every welcome or introduction message shouldn’t be on your shoulders. This is where drip marketing comes in handy, as an easy solution for automation.

An automatically sent, interesting welcome message gets leads excited. While regular emails have an opening rate of around 14%, up to 58% of recipients open welcome messages. If the message is sent immediately after subscribing to the newsletter, the results are even better.

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3. A little “nudge” is allowed

The purpose of the whole strategy is to make a potential customer into a real, paying customer. Once the lead is welcomed, commence step three – onboarding drip strategy. These are small nudges to the direction of the purchase decision such as enticing a lead to download your company’s mobile app, attend a webinar, or upgrade to a premium version of the service.

4. Don’t let the products lay around and idle in the shopping cart

When customers leave unsold products to hang around in their shopping cart, the work done to ensure a lead turns into a customer may be wasted. 

However, you can still save the situation. Customers filling up a shopping cart and discarding it is actually much more common than you think – this is where drip marketing, that is tasked with reminding forgetful customers and rekindling their interest, comes in handy.

When a customer leaves a product to lay around in the bottom of the shopping cart, drip marketing automatically sends an email reminding them that the product exists. You’ve probably got a similar email when shopping. That’s drip marketing in action!

5. Stay on track with what your customers like

Netflix offers its users new series and movies to watch based on their viewing behavior – It’s important to know your customers’ preferences. 

Knowing a potential customer allows you to embed products or services from the company’s selection into an email message. Spotify, for example, listens closely to what interests their user – and notifies the user immediately when their favorite artist releases new music. Drip marketing is one way Spotify gets their customers to come back and use the app.

Did you make a sale? Don’t stop!

You’ve now made a sale, congratulations! However, drip marketing does not end there. A thank you message is just as important as a welcome message in making customers feel important. Drip marketing allows you to send a thank you message to your customer the second he presses the buy button. Convenient, right? Without drip marketing, you’ll never be able to get so actively involved in the customer’s purchasing journey.

With drip marketing, you can also have automatic messages sent to a customer a few days after purchase. This is a good time to ask the customer for an opinion on the product they bought, and to perhaps rate the item on your website or app.

Drip marketing needs a tool

MailChimp may be familiar to you – if so, then you should definitely start utilizing drip marketing! And if not, definitely consider learning about it so you can use it too! Kubla is a house full of digital marketing professionals who are specialists in the subject. Contact us at Kubla, we guarantee you’ll get good tips and help. 

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Drip marketing, what is it? Read our six tips for success
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