How to run successful Google Shopping Ads Campaigns 

Google ads campaign is a digital marketing process that allows sellers to promote their products through Google search results among the buyers based on interest and keyword mechanism. However, when it comes to working on e-commerce, Google shopping ads campaigns are incredibly useful for product promotion. There are enough reasons for their effectiveness.

The most significant cause is that this ad contains a minimal visual presentation of some products in a row. The products appear above the search result depending on what the buyer will search for. For example, suppose someone searches with a keyword like “Nike new shoes”. In that case, s/he will see some Nike product comparison including images, rating, and price.

Many sellers struggle at the beginning of the Google shopping campaign because they are confused about the best way to do it. In this article, we will share some tips that will work for you as a google shopping ads guide.

To get started with Google Shopping ads, you need to use two different platforms: Google Merchant Center and Google Ads (AdWords).

In the Google Merchant Center, you will manage the product data. And, in Google Ads, you will handle the campaigns of your Google Shopping Ads.

Google Shopping Ads Best Practices

Integrate Your E-commerce Technology

You should make sure that your e-commerce technology is integrated with the google merchant centre. If your shop is on Shopify, Google will automatically convert the appeared product prices to a customer’s local currency.

Optimize Shopping Ads

Proper optimization of your ads will make it easier for Google for showing them to visitors. This will improve the conversation rate as well as sales. Here are some sections you should optimize to run a successful Google Shopping Ads campaign

Product Feed

The elements of shopping ads should be attractive to a customer. Start with images. A well-optimized image will ensure your product stands out among others. Google recommends that images should be at least 800*800 pixels in size.

Then, you should have a good product title that can catch anyone’s attention. Also, putting the right price can impact the conversion rate.

Campaign Structure

Having a proper campaign structure allows you to have more control over your google shopping ads. You definitely will not have the same bidding budget for all the products as different products have different profit margins. That’s why Google has a great solution for it.

Through Google Ads, you can separate each campaign with attributes such as brand, id, type, and so on. This will help you to bid particularly on each category.

You may choose to create campaigns with no segmentation for saving time, which completely depends on machine learning. But, you will have very little control over your ads.

You may also create a hybrid campaign where both artificial intelligence and you will decide about the campaigns. The final one is completely manual that requires lots of effort to set up all the things together.

Winner and Loser Products

Some of your products may do well, and some may not. A product that brings good sales might be considered as the winner.

On the other hand, products that will not return you good profit margin are not worthy of promotion. Some may get lots of views, but zero sales… well, that’s useless. Keep in mind that some products need more time to get the conversion. So, giving enough time to mature is very important. 

When you pay for each of the clicks, transactions are the most important deal that should be on focus. So, find your winner, get rid of the losers.

Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are a powerful feature for any campaign. Your products may appear in irrelevant searches. As a solution, you can tell Google which search terms should not show your ads. For instance, if you are selling diamond rings, you may still get clicks from searching for gold rings. So, you should add “gold” as a negative keyword.

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What Should Be The Budget for Google Shopping Ads Campaigns

Well, let’s talk about the budget. Most beginners ask this question very often: How much should the budget be for running google shopping ads?

For beginners, Google officials suggest starting with $10 to $50 daily. But this is completely up to you. You may also try cutting down expenses through appropriate ad optimization and many other features, like negative keywords.

Mistakes to Avoid During Google Shopping Ads Campaigns

Here are some common mistakes you should avoid from the beginning.

Poor Product Feed

A very common mistake. People often don’t put enough effort to optimize the product image, pricing, and other details. It rather puts a negative impact on your google shopping campaigns. The feed should shine to get attention from buyers.

Poor Structure

Messed up things don’t work at all. Failed to have organized ads is a reason for not running the campaigns successfully. Make sure you do a quality check before you launch the campaign.

Metrics to Track the Performance of Google Shopping Ads Campaigns

Google shows all the data of ad performance. You may consider some metrics to analyze Google shopping campaigns—clicks, impressions, CPC (cost-per-click), CVR (conversation rate), CPA (cost-per-acquisition), CTR (clickthrough rate), ROI (return on investment), and ROAS (return on advertising spent).

Final Words on Google Shopping Ads Campaigns

Learning how to launch a successful Google shopping ads campaign is an ongoing process. If you are new in this field, that’s okay. Take time, and practice things around. Explore Google ads and merchant centre tools. First things may not work out well. Take lessons from the mistakes and grab the business.

But remember, more than 25% of the people click on the first Google search result. Yes, it’s that important to rank in the first position. Need any assistance with Google shopping ads campaigns? We at Kubla would love to see you succeed. Feel free to contact us, and let’s design the best ads campaign for your business.

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Google Shopping Ads Campaigns
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