What is Google Shopping 

Although Google is one of the most famous words worldwide, Google Shopping is still not so famous. Especially for trust issues, people take time to come to the online market rather than visiting shopping malls physically. Then the whole Coronavirus thing happened, and everything has changed drastically. 

Introduction to Google Shopping

Now people are shopping online more than ever, and google shopping is leading the way. One statistic shows that 65% of total Google Ads clicks go to Google Shopping Ads. Advertisers are also enjoying 12% more revenue from Google Shopping Ads than regular ads. We believe these facts are enough to persuade you why you must start Google Shopping right now.

If you are a complete newbie here, worry not. In this article, we’ll share all the basics you should know about Google Shopping. Let’s start with the definition.

What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping is a part of Google Inc., previously known as Product Listing Ads. As Google is the most popular search engine globally, it will not take much time for Google to conquer the first position for online shopping searches.

Since its launch, it’s competing with Amazon. Around 85% of people search for products from Google or Amazon. So, that gives you an idea of Google’s market cap.

Google Shopping is an open and free section integrated with normal Google search results from the buyer’s or customer’s side. It’s just the ads of products that appear visually before the ‘text’ results.

From the seller’s side, this is an online marketing place where they can advertise their products for a particular cost.

In this era of e-commerce, digital marketing platforms like Google Shopping work the best for start-ups and businesses to let the world know about the company.

How to Get Started

  • If you are a product seller, you need to follow several steps before your products reach the customers through google shopping. 
  • As the first step for this, you need to sign up for a google merchant account. Without being a verified merchant, you cannot advertise your products on Google.
  • Then you have to upload the product details.
  • Add attractive, clear, and high-quality pictures of the products. Otherwise, google shopping ads may not perform well. Before posting a photo, double-check it to confirm the quality.
  • Next, collect and input your product data feed. Wait, what is google shopping feed? Here the sellers put the description of their products. Google uses this information to find your product and display it in front of the buyers following the algorithm.
  • To input data feed, go to the merchant account, then to product and feed. Thus, you will be able to add the product feeds. 
  • Then, link your Google AdWords account. When done with linking your Google AdWords account, create a google shopping campaign and place bids on your google shopping campaigns.
  • Next, target and schedule your shopping campaign. Work on this very carefully as it decides who will view your posts and when people will view them. Finally, by building ad groups, you shall have things organized perfectly. 

Do you want to start advertising your business on Google or maximize your current advertising?

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How Does It Work for Buyers or Customers?

A customer who searches for a product can see a relevant product from different suppliers. He/she, in the ad, will see the product’s image, title, price, and rating.

From the Google search menu, you need to choose the ‘shopping’ icon to become more specific. Also, there’s a mobile app. Then a customer can select the items according to his/her preference and may purchase the desired product.

Should You Use Google Shopping as a Marketing Platform?

Yes, of course! There are a lot of online marketing platforms or tools available on the internet nowadays. Google and Facebook are the top two giants among others.

More than 40,000 search requests get triggered on Google every second. Even if you don’t have your e-commerce website good organic ranking here, you can still enjoy google shopping benefits as a seller through advertising your products.

Do You Need Special Skills?

Not really. Many people prefer to buy such marketing services from agencies or hire freelancers. You may learn by yourself by going through the guidelines available on the internet. You may check the article here to get started (link here how to run successful Google Shopping ads campaigns article).

Like any other skills, honing advertising skills on Google and staying up to date with that is time-consuming and hectic. It may be wise to hand over the worries to an experienced and expert hand as a busy business person. If you need any help with Google Shopping Ads Campaign, feel free to reach us

Visual or Text… What Matters the Most?

Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text. Most of the time, an Ad in text format is less effective than an ad with images. The web is a place where people give attention to things for just a second. So, for catching their attention, visual ads are way more powerful.

Is Google Shopping Safe?

Users can check product details, research different items, and purchase them through this. According to Google, shipping methods and charges may vary. If anyone faces any issue with the purchase, he/she should contact the seller directly.

Final Words

The search technology of Google helps users to find and filter their desired products available throughout the web. It’s like a digital or future generation shopping mall.

Google Shopping benefits are enormous. It is so easy for buyers to find the products they’re searching for. Through the Google Shopping app, you’re getting all branded products away from a single click in your hand.

With this easy feature of google shopping, you can see your family members’ smiles without taking the hustle of taking all at the shopping mall, which also saves your productive time a lot. So why don’t you just click and shop!

Finally, for the sellers, it’s a great advertising platform to start promoting your products. If you need an extra hand, contact with Kubla team. Our expert team will love to help you.

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Google Shopping
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