Have you heard of Google Ad Grants? 

Google keyword advertising is paid visibility in the Google search engine. It works wonders but it can be expensive. However, if you’re a non-profit organization, you can get an advertising budget from Google for FREE keyword advertising.

Are you already familiar with keyword advertising on Google? Great, Google Ad Grants advertising is very similar to regular keyword advertising and it’s even done through the same tool, Google Ads. There are several key differences though, which Kalle from Kubla would be happy to discuss in detail if you give him a call. Let’s start with a closer look at the program.

Up to $ 10,000 in free money per month

The Google Ad Grants program offers non-profit associations, organizations, and charities the opportunity to run ads on Google’s search engine for up to $ 10,000 each month. That’s right! You can do keyword advertising without having to invest money in the media itself.

This definitely sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. Google determines exactly who is eligible for the Ad Grants program and there are also strict quality requirements for advertising but that’s the only catch. Advertising through the Ad Grants program requires careful planning and campaign monitoring to keep you in the program but it’s a great opportunity!

Why is Google giving away money?

With its Ad Grants program, Google wants to support charities and non-profits but it’s also good for business. By attracting traffic through foundations and associations, other consumers and possible customers can see the benefit of Google ads and learn to use Google’s tools to get the results they’re looking for.

Who can apply for the Google Ad Grants program?

All non-profit organizations and associations can apply for the program, e.g. charities and trade unions. Public administration agencies and organizations, hospitals and medical groups, academic institutions, or universities are not eligible to participate in the program.

To be eligible for the Google Ad Grants program, an organization must meet certain Google requirements, such as:

  • The organization must be a valid charity
  • The organization must accept and meet Google’s requirements for anti-discrimination and the acceptance and use of donations
  • The organization must have a quality website that adheres to the program’s website policy
  • The organization must pass the Google Ad Grants pre-selection

Are you ready to apply for the Google Ad Grants program or get the most out of your current Google business? Read on to learn more about our Google advertising services or feel free to contact us!

Google Ads Grants Quality Requirements

Once an organization has passed Google’s requirements, the Ad Grants advertising account itself must be set up according to certain conditions. Google has a long list of requirements for running an advertising account. Campaigns include support the mission of the organization and the account must produce measurable results. You can’t use keywords that are too general in your account, so single-word search terms, for example, aren’t allowed. Advertising must be highly geo-targeted and have a good clickthrough rate and conversion rate.

With a Google Ad Grants advertising account, you can only do keyword advertising, which means that banner advertising, YouTube advertising, and other forms of campaigns are excluded. Of course, they can be done at the same time through a standard Google Ads account, which requires a separate advertising budget.

The Ad Grants program is a great way to increase your organization’s visibility on Google’s search engine and save on advertising costs. However, due to the above, setting up and maintaining an account is not straightforward and will require familiarity and account monitoring.

Why do Ad Grants advertising?

More than 10 billion Google searches are made in Finland every year. “Google” is a verb now and we all use it every day. When people have a need, they ask Google and through advertising we hope that your company will be the one to meet that client need.

Ad Grants provides a channel to communicate your services, products and value to those who need it. Your visibility and brand awareness increases, which makes it possible to reach potential new members and supporters. Google Ad Grants also supports other advertising channels, which increases other ads productivity because the repetition of a message across channels strengthens the memory footprint. For example, if you are already strongly present on a social media channel such as Facebook, I strongly recommend that you include Google Ad Grants in your ad channel palette, as these two channels generally work well together.

How do I join the Google Ad Grants program?

First and foremost, you need to make sure that the organization you represent is eligible to apply to the program. To begin the application process, your organization must register with the Google Local Partner Service. The application is made online and if approved, you will receive access to build your advertising account.

The application process for Ad Grants does require several steps. Also, setting up and maintaining an advertising account is not always simple, so we highly recommend working with a knowledgeable partner. Although, these services aren’t free, they can save you countless hours and a great deal of money in the long run.

Of course, Kubla has experience opening and maintaining multiple Ad Grants accounts and we would be honored to be your official partner to get you moving as soon as possible! Please contact us to learn more or get started today!

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