Google Ads for nonprofits 

Did you ever think of using Google Ads for nonprofits? Well, it can bring your organization a surprising opportunity to let the world see the importance of the cause you are fighting for!

Today’s giant search engine, Google, has a tremendous ad service, Google Ads, formally known as AdWords, proving to be very effective in the digital marketing field. Apart from commercial uses, Google Ads for nonprofits has become a huge success.

What are Google Ads Grants?

Google Ad Grants can expose your nonprofit to millions of potential donors, supporters and volunteers. You’ll be given up to $10,000 in free monthly advertising for nonprofits on Google search results pages, and you may purchase more ads with a separate account if needed!

Google’s Grant program shows qualified nonprofits their message through pay-per-click marketing on the world wide web. With this service, they provide grants worth up to ten thousand dollars each month. You can put this amount towards paid advertisements that show when people look for organizations like yours online via google searches from home or work computers alike!

Why Choose Google Ads for Nonprofits Organizations?

Here are some facts you should know about Google Ads.

1. Better than social ads

You may think that generating global awareness through social media ads is enough. But this might not be the solution if your nonprofit organization receives a meager amount of donations.

Social media ads can create brand awareness through media ads. Still, Google ads work better while it a matter of generating leads. You can run targeted ads that will appear in search results. You have to set relevant keywords, interests, hobbies, and locations for this.

2. Cost-saving solution

Google will charge you for what you have received. This is a PPC or pay-per-click ad system. If a visitor clicks on your ad and visits your website, then you will need to pay the cost based on the keyword’s value.

Also, through its built-in super analytics, you can always track the ad performance. If any ad is not performing well, you can stop it right away. You can also compare which one is working better.

3. Top-rated search engine

Google has the highest popularity among internet users. The majority of people search for their doubts, inquiries, and information through this powerful search engine. So, you are going to have a big community to run your ads.

4. Google Ad Grants

For many nonprofit organizations, it isn’t easy to arrange for a budget for running promotions online. And offline promotions internationally cost higher than that.

For this reason, this Google ad grants program is one of the main reasons to give a try to Google ads service. As a nonprofit organization will get $10,000 per month to spend behind ads, this is honestly a reasonable budget for running efficient search ads.

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How to Receive Google Ad Grants for Nonprofit Organizations?

Here are some tips regarding your Google Ad grants for the promotional campaigns of your nonprofit organization. It might be helpful to enrich your experience.

1. Maintaining eligibility

Only being qualified will not be enough to be eligible for this grant. Maintaining the account cleverly will add a great advantage. Unfortunately, there are few more things to maintain the eligibility for the Google grant.

A functional website is necessary for Google ad grants. Moreover, the organizations need to log in to their account at least once a month. If they do not do so, there is a high chance of pausing the account, which will happen without any notification.

And, absence of tricky ads is needed for maintaining eligibility. For example, there should be no ad that takes its visitors to another page or website. Also, nonprofit organizations’ websites have no right to post ads from Google AdSense or any other affiliated links. You must connect all the ads to the original web link, which has been approved in the application period.

Even all of the ads must reflect the mission and vision of the organization. If the advertisements include any products, those should also be linked with the organization’s mission. But, ads for offering volunteering opportunities and asking for donations for true causes are incredibly welcome here.

2. Keyword selection

You always need to think out of the box to find the right keyword. You should analyze for keywords and find relevant keywords that have low competition. Usually, a long tail keyword helps in this case. This will also help to maintain a good competition.

Sometimes to be on the safe side, some organizations use a large number of keywords. Sometimes they use brand names of strong competitors. These are not good practices.

So, you should use a limited number of keywords in a wise direction and avoid brand names. And, excess negative keywords are also not appreciated for google ad grants. It might leave a bad impact.

3. Proper planning

While you are restricted to go for keywords with a maximum of $2 CPC, it might be tough to spend all the credit amount in a month. And, if you do not choose suitable keywords, the ads will probably be useless.

However, for this, you should go with proper planning for everything. Seat with your team, make a blueprint of how you will run the campaigns, why people will donate, how they will donate, the right keywords, and so on.

Quick Tip: Always stay up-to-date with the latest version of the Google ads channel.

Why Use Paid Google Ads for Nonprofits?

The question appears to be why a nonprofit organization should consider a paid service for nonprofit organizations. But here, such organizations are going to enjoy a special benefit.

Google offers ad grants to nonprofits. It allows such users to run text ad campaigns free of cost. Because they will give you up to $10,000 ad credit per month, which makes a budget of about $329 daily, you can use this credit to run unlimited paid ads. But, the keyword CPC is restricted to a maximum of $2.

However, there are several categories of organizations that cannot apply for google ads. Academic institutions like universities, schools, and children’s centers fall under this category. Some other types of institutions are medical groups and hospitals, government organizations, and other government entities.

Besides, a nonprofit organization should hold a current and valid 501(c)(3) status. Also, they need to have an official website with complete details about their mission in regular functioning status. Finally, they need to agree and acknowledge the required certifications of the Google grant. So, without these qualifications, an organization cannot apply for this particular program.

Can You Run Your Google Ads Campaign By Yourself?

Yes, you can run your Google Ads campaign by yourself. But for doing so, you have to know the ins and outs of the policy thoroughly, which will take much time.

However, if you hire experts, they’ll make sure everything is going smoothly since this is what their job entails-- industry experience in knowing how best to share your message with people efficiently!

Google has strict requirements for nonprofits to maintain their Google Ad Grants. Unfortunately, as a busy manager, it may not be possible for you to meet these standards all the time, and this can result in the cancellation of your grants!

To avoid running into any issues like that, make sure you hire dedicated staff who know what they’re doing. Are you in need of marketing services for your nonprofit organization? Contact Kubla Marketing! We ensure that all our clients get the best service and tailor it to your needs.


Finally, there is no alternative to creating attractive ads to reach more people. So, advertising with Google ads for nonprofits can be a solution to fulfill their causes.

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Google Ads for nonprofits
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