Top 5 Tips for Succeeding on Google Display Marketing 

People won’t seek you on Google unless people know you are there for them, and you know that, right? That’s where Google Ads step in to help you introduce yourself to the world. Google ads run through two arms – either text or display marketing. And, guess what? Google’s display marketing is the best call as it reaches 91% of internet users or more users worldwide. Crazy, isn’t it? But how easy is succeeding on Google Display Marketing?

When everyone knows the fact, why don’t everyone gets success with that? Because not everyone has the proper guidelines. If you don’t want to be one of them, then you are in the right place. In this article, we’ll share five tips that will guide your Google Display Marketing Campaign in the right direction. Let’s start,

Top 5 Tips for Succeeding on Google Display Marketing

1. Concentrate on Limited Focus Audience – Don’t try to reach Everyone at Once

Targeting the right audience is one of the most crucial facts in Google Display Marketing. Every audience isn’t the exact consumer you want for you. 

Multiple types of audiences are available with different functions, based on campaigns, on Google Ads Audience. Unless you got a suitable audience, you’re not ready to run your campaign. 

Plus, with a suitable audience base, you can reduce your ad costing, increases conversion rate, and, lastly, adds more value to the company’s revenue. But, how can you target the right audience to display ads? Here are some major categories of audience you can consider;

Demographic Dimensions

Demographic audiences take a step ahead of running your campaign, but you cannot customize everything you want. For instance, selecting an exact location might give you the flexibility to choose your specific area and exclude the other geographic locations.

Also, you can add or exclude demographic categories like parents, education, marital status, age, homeowners, etc. 

However, targeting demographic audience is available in Video, Search, and Display campaigns – basically all ad campaigns you can think of.

In-Market Audience

Those who look for specific services or products are your in-market audience. Google’s AI is pretty smart these days and can analyze and forecast user behavior accurately. It crawls new data on user searches on a particular market. You can target in-market audiences on multiple campaigns, including search, video, and display campaigns.

2. Try Different Banners

Banners are great for catching the user’s eye and driving it to your website or wherever you wish them to be. Having an interactive banner should be a must-have part of your display marketing campaign. It will entice visitors to click on the ads and turn them into customers – something that’s the best of both worlds.

You can try an image itself for your banner; otherwise, you can opt for both image and text combined in a banner. The combined ones are more effective in bringing more audience than the regular one – we don’t assume, we believe in it.

Plus, with your display ad, you’ll get to write different copies, including;

  • Short headlines of 25 character
  • Long headlines of 90 characters
  • Description of 90 characters
  • Business name of 25 characters

Make sure you craft an excavating headline so that the headline can rule the whole game.

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3. Don’t Forget to Run Video.

If you think that Google Display Ads best practices rely upon only images or banners, you are wrong. Half of the Google Display Network runs via video ads. Even in some of our campaigns, we found videos drive more sales and leads than search ads with many valuable keywords. 

Did you notice how competitive and costly the ad campaigns are? Still, many marketers yet lack in discovering the Google Adwords for video. What a great time for a barrel of laughs or any other emotions that may convert the audience into customers.

You’ll frequently find less competitive keywords, which will reduce the cost as well, and Google will charge you only when an actual user is watching the video, thanks to their CPC (Cost Per Click) option.

Proper placement of a video is essential, especially when working with Google for running ads. Try choosing the upper parts of certain websites or web pages; the ads will eventually appear. 

Mobile apps, games, online videos are great choices to gain more audience. Not to mention, this era is for Youtube, so your video ads will surely pop up on youtube videos. By the way, you can block any pages or apps if you feel irrelevant.

Three major types of Google video display ads are: 1) In-stream; 2) In-search; 3) In-display. Pick the best one based on your targeted audience and budget. 

4. Use it for Retargeting.

Those who are already familiar with your website, services, app, or videos, you already got their data, and that’s where Google Display Retargeting hops in. Retargeting is one of Google Ads’ propounding arms that lets you gain more attention and sales, even from the same consumer. 

So, how does Google Display Retargeting Work?

Visitors who visited your website or an app earlier everyone ate a tracking cookie placed on your site. This code tracks the behaviors and search activities of a user on your site and shows ads based on that.

Here are the benefits you’ll enjoy from Google Ads Retargeting

Broad Ad Campaign

Retargeting doesn’t mean you can’t play an ad for new users. It’ll generate both new and old users to reach 2 million or more Google Display Network websites.


You’ll get to calculate real-time bidding for a person who sees your ad and know the best bid available without breaking your bank.


While running retargeting campaigns, you’ll notice the real-time experience of how the campaigns are performing and the total cost for each ad. If you feel that the ad isn’t living up to your choice, you can stop wasting before going bankrupt.

5. Measure The Ad

You’ve got everything set – your ad account, ad campaigns, ad groups. But, everything boils down to one question is that “Is everything working in the right direction?” Simply put, next, you shall analyze the metrics and see if all okay.

Which Google Ad Metric Are Most Important?

Here you go;

  • Impression Share
  • Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS)
  • Cost Per Acquisition / Conversion (CPACPC)
  • Quality Score
  • Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Clickthrough Rate (CTR)
  • Conversion Rate

Here’s a bit of detail on two major performance indicators: Impressions and Engagement. 


Google Display Ad examples can be a video, image, banner, or anything that attracts users except search marketing. That’s where impressions get cooked. 

Impressions will speak the number of times your ads are showing up on the radar of a searcher, depending on the keyword matches. Google can set a limitation bar if your budget is limited based on Google ads cost. That’s related to your ad ranking. 

If you see your ad isn’t getting many impressions, consider increasing the budget or redesign the whole campaign. Don’t forget to consult with industry experts on that issue. You can also give us a knock. We’d love to consult you toward success.


Google Ads Engagement and impressions are inter-related. If you notice that there’s a vast amount of impressions, there are more chances of engagement. It means the audience will likely click it more and learn about your services and products you are trying to introduce.

Final Words

That was something crazy and wholesome. To sum up, in a nutshell, if you’re thinking of Google Display Marketing, well, these tips for succeeding on Google Display Marketing will take you multiple laps ahead than other marketers and drive you more leads and enchanting sales. 

We are pretty confident you’ll be happy as a lark after applying these Google Ads Tips. Need some more expert tips to boost your online business? Feel free to reach out to us. Team Kubla will be happy to stay with you on your journey to success. Good luck.

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Succeeding on Google Display Marketing
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