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You have a great website, but there are no customers. Another day goes by without people finding their way to your website even by accident. You can’t leave website traffic to chance. Something must be done, but what? Advertising on the Google Ads platform is either a great investment or a window from which you throw money into the sky never to return. Do you know what the price of Google Ads is? Kubla knows and makes sure that Google Ads is a profitable place for your company to do. So feel free to contact a professional if you want to succeed.

You have two paths to the top of the search results page. In addition to paid ads, you can claim your spot by increasing your organic visibility. Organic visibility is free visibility, the achievement of which requires long-term search engine optimization. Paid Google Ads can be said to be a bypass lane that saves precious time. Every hour spent on the second or third page of search results is almost always wasted, as a potential customer generally only goes through the first page when Googling. So aim for the first page of the search results page and try to keep your place there with the help of effective Google Ads.

Google processes over 8.5 billion searches per day. You can be sure that if you perform your Google ads correctly, you will be seen! However, the price of Google Ads may cause concern, which is why Kubla will talk about the issue next. Keep reading if you want to spend your money wisely.

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The price of Google Ads is based on multiple factors

So what does it cost? Good question. Google advertising costs exactly what you are willing to spend money on. The price of Google Ads is not the sum of one factor, but the final price tag is influenced by, among other things, the competitive situation and the quality score of the ad. Believe it or not, there is no single answer to this question. Advertising with a good ad is significantly more affordable and more productive than struggling with a bad ad. So whatever you do, do it well. If necessary, Kubla will help you succeed in Google advertising! Read below three general points that affect what the price of Google Ads will be for your company.

1. Competition

Globally, over 200 billion searches are made via Google in a single month. So it goes without saying that the price of Google Ads is also partly determined by the competition. Everyone is on Google – both customers and competitors, which makes the competition fierce. For example, a competitive keyword can cost twice as much as using a keyword that does not have the same amount of competition. Click prices (Cost Per Click) vary from about ten cents to a euro.

2. Offers

The more you pay, the more your ad is shown. Your per-click bid for a specific search term can be, for example, $0.30. The amount in question is charged to you only when a potential customer clicks on your ad. Your price offer has been the highest, so you appear first on the search results page. The second highest offer, for example $0.27, is placed below you. Google lowers the click price of your ad so that it maintains its position more favorably - your new click price will be $0.28. Do you understand what this is all about? The price of Google Ads is partly based on the auction.

3. Quality scoring

Now you might be feeling like you can’t get started with Google Ads at all with the small budget of a starting entrepreneur. Nonsense! When advertising is done correctly, you can use Google to get results even with a tiny budget. In addition to just money, the visibility of the ad is affected by Google’s quality score. The better you score, the more your ad is shown. Good scores are placed on a scale of 6-10. Chasing good quality scores is worthwhile, as they can at best halve advertising costs. Bad scores, on the other hand, fall between 1-4, increasing the expenses caused by advertising by up to hundreds of percent. You will definitely get a lower score with, for example, links in the ad that direct the ad clicker to an irrelevant site.

With these mistakes, the price of Google Ads increases

The ad does not automatically generate. The price of Google Ads can be surprisingly high if you don’t have the necessary knowledge. It’s not worth playing a game of luck, because you rarely get very good positions in it. However, Google advertising is extremely effective at its best!

Common advertiser mistakes include:

  • keyword advertising has been started without planning
  • negative keywords are not used in advertising, which prevent spending money on useless clicks → advertising is more expensive, and the results are not desired.
  • the landing page is bad → you pay for potential customers who click on the ad, but who do not make a purchase, for example, due to an unclear or slow-loading landing page.
  • the keywords of the ad groups are too different → you can accidentally reduce the click-through rate and the visibility of your ad.
  • a single ad is poorly designed → Google gives a low quality score, so the costs can increase many times over.

Kubla speaks a cost-effective language

No advertising is automatically cost-effective either. A cost-effective advertisement is created from the combination of knowledge and skill with the available budget. The price of Google Ads consists of several different factors, so even a smaller budget has a chance to succeed.

If you need traffic to your company’s website or store, it’s worth setting aside a small slice of money for Google advertising. When the ad is good, the financial contribution does not have to be in the thousands. On the other hand, if the ad is bad, even a stack of hundred dollar -bills is not enough to achieve the desired result. So be careful that the euros you spend on Google advertising will come back - Kubla makes sure that the money comes back tripled instead of doubled. Were you interested? Contact us!

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